Monday, February 15, 2010

Thanks to the Cupboard of Food I have found something decent for dinner.....actually most of it came from the fridge come to think of it....but the inspirational ingredient came from the Cupboard of Food. A bag of fancy noodles to be turned into fancy mac n cheese, along with half a pack of spicy sausages, leftover baked chicken, brussel sprouts...I love brussel sprouts.....and a salad. BRB.....ok, mac n cheese in the oven. It has sharp cheddar, mild cheddar and mozzerella in it...maybe a bit of a cheese fest but oh well, nobody ever died from too much cheese.....well, maybe they have but what a way to go. I'm thinking I really need shake dinner up lol, problem is I'm never hungry at dinner time and Joe hardly ever eats with us so it's whatever the kids will like....not very challenging at all. Tonight I'm thinking of having a laundry go with the cheese fest....I haven't done any all weekend and yeah, we all know where that leads. I like getting it all done and then tomorrow I can say "WOW!!! no laundry" and the next day I can put some in the washer and there's NONE in the dryer!!!!! That just makes my day. Like getting a bonus. Today Katie gave me another one of her special "compliments" that only she can come up with....."Mommy...I like the way your belly jiggles". You know, she's so sincere you really can't say anything except "thank you dear". Oh oh oh....good news, for me at least....I have a new pair of Happy Jeans! My last pair bit the dust some months ago and I've been attired, but no Happy Jeans and then suddenly this pair I've had for a long time made me quite happy when I put them on.....hmmmmm.....who'd a thunk they were there all along? Maybe I'll watch a movie while enjoying laundry fest. Melissa texted today and was in town and wanted to know if I wanted to go up to a fall with her and her Mom so I did, learned of a new napping spot :D and if I can figure out how to get there again I will be napping on Melissa's napping rock on some glorious spring day. If you see on the news that a Salem woman fell to her death at Shellburg Falls, well then we know that wasn't a very good idea don't we? But what's a life where you can't take a nap on a rock? I'm going to reinstitute beach naps too....those are awesome. Ironically, with all my running around lately I actually get more done in the house and am feeling capable of tackling the boys cub scout achievements and am thinking of actually getting a baseball mitt/glove/catching device? for when Little League revs up. Last year I was sorta lazy and just took them to the park and hit balls out for them to catch boys run. Also going to teach poor Isaac to ride his bike when we have a nice day, much like today was. Took Anna to Curves with me this morning and Katie to the Retirement center, we didn't do much today...just chair tai chi/yoga and talked...the others were going to Lum Yuen for lunch, but now Katie wants to go with me in the summer, and so does Anna.....and the boys. Back to the one Mom four kids situation lol. I modified the lame coffee maker, there was a little broken piece in there that was making it so the thing that plugged the hole when you took the pot out before brewing was done was always on plugged so I just broke the corresponding piece off too.....viola. Fixed. Whew almost forgot the most important part of dinner....brussel sprouts are now cooking. Now they should be used for breast cancer awareness.....not ugly paper towels...which come to think of it are instrumental in the production of cancer causing dioxins in the bleaching process or something unless they've changed there ways. You have no idea what I'm talking about do you? A Facebook friend posted about her ugly paper towels but that they were for breast cancer awareness so it was all good. come the cruciferouses aren't promoting breast cancer awareness? My doctor told me to eat broccoli for my boobs. eh....ok. I like those kinds of orders.....the other doc told me to read books lol. Speaking of, I need to get back to that one...I got to the point where it told me to do stuff by myself and well.....never got back to the book. Maybe I was written by an alcoholic author so maybe it gets better. I must say...the mac n cheese looks delish....too bad I'm not hungry courtesy of the half of a pepper rope I ate in Mehama. Regardless....I must bid this adieu, I have no firm idea of how to spell that so good bye.

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