Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hello....good afternoon and how do you do? I do. And I hope you do too. Waiting for the kids again, I seem to do that a lot.....but today there's an exciting twist! I'm laminating at the same time.....I can do three things at once, wait, laminate and blog.....oooohhhh......over at Sunnyside I've been invited into the more clerical eschelons...again, don't know how to spell that....don't care.....so I'm laminating signs for all the rooms and got to bring the machine home to finish since I had to run. I've also been asked to beautify all the bulletin boards the residents have in their rooms....so don't ever say I have a useless degree! Ok...the one I got maybe lol, but the one I wanted is sort of being put to use. Sort of. Anyway, I like it. I went and saw Old Dogs with Jeff last night....that was a good movie, made you, or at least me, laugh without being too goofy and came home to kidney failure. Don't ask...if you know me guess lol. Yes, the turmoil has begun, hopefully it will soon end. I really don't know what to do this time around, just keep on and wait is my approach so far. So keeping on keeping on and waiting. I'm really not an unfeeling witch but hey. So, laminating and thinking of bulletin boards. I hit 195.4 today, so that's good. That's 30 pounds now since a year ago October and I am now in the danger zone...I have never lost 30 pounds without ending up with another child.....which WILL NOT be happening. There will be NO miracle children. I've told myself once I hit 185 I'm going to go ride the carousal....I don't think I've ever ridden that one. I wonder if they have a zebra? Hmmmm.....I'd better not like, look good or anything.....shoot, didn't think of that. OK, I'll shut up. Why do I always have to shut up? I don't want to....but fine. I went and got my hair done.....now there's a concept.....I go and "get my hair done" who'd a thunk? Anyway, apparently I have fast growing hair....I never paid attention. I really like the Hair Lady, and she wears dangly earrings with glasses and doesn't look stupid so it can be done......I shall do that. Tomorrow. Anna has her Cheer Camp thing tonight again....I am so not peppy....who knows maybe I am? Nah. After that I'm going to take the rest of the kids over to what's left of Math Night......always a blast. You know, I feel like I should volunteer at the school or something but quite frankly, I don't get along with the other mothers.....and the office ladies are grumpy. So I don't. Besides, I have like hours and hours of undiluted time with my kids. You know what I think is really sad? I think it's really sad when sad people die....you really should be happy when you go. Don't you think?

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