Wednesday, February 24, 2010 are all home but they dispersed quickly....Katie went to Starburst for a drink with a friends and Mom, and the boys grabbed food and ran off here I am, shucky darn. Let's see......all is calm in the Calvo realm once again, hallelujah, I ran around all day :) and just got back. Curves, care center, sushi, Goodwill, and walking....a well spent day.....oops brb.....reminded myself I should do something productive lol. So, laundry is in, dinner is cooking...little tiny chickens which will be turned into little tiny chicken and beef curry (because I have a chunk of leftover beef, I realize that chicken and beef curry is not a normal combo), and dishes done. Guess I should gather the boys and finish up their homework soon too....later. I know my Mom never had as much homework as I have now....what's up with that? Went to Goodwill for Jeans....I like getting jeans at Goodwill because they have a whole rack of stuff from every brand imagineable so you don't have to go to a billion stores and come home and still not have found any....instead there they are, one from each store or brand just waiting to see which one fits you. Kind of makes you feel special too knowing that they are just waiting for you. Men don't have this problem because they are just waists and lengths.....ocassionally there's a guy with a girl butt but not often. I also look at the jewelry because I like other peoples stuff and there's some cool stuff in there....and well, I must confess to a penchant for old lady suit jackets....and yeah I found one today and the lady I helped wouldn't help me....she said "no, sorry can't help you because that's a cool one" so I had to buy it. I helped her and told her hers didn't fit very well so she put it back.....hmmmph. Jake just ran by and kissed me...he's been rather affectionate lately lol. What else what else.....ummmm......Alice was all dolled up today and looked rather nice, she's really very pretty, particularly when she smiles.....but then most people are. So smile people. and stop wearing crew necl T-shirts....they are a bad thing. Unless you're a guy then it's ok. Jeff texted and wanted to walk so went there and got home about 5 minutes before the kids. Jake just told me he loved me...what's up with the kid? So tonight is the last night of Cheer Camp then the game....why do they call it that? It's 3 one hour sessions and a halftime performance...well, I guess I just answered my own question.....Cheer Camp is a lot shorter than 3 one hour sessions and a halftime performance. Duh. Now, I shall go get busy.

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