Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Do you like chicken hearts?" There is nothing like watching your child sit oh so nicely at the table when you have guests for dinner and see him turn ever so seriously to one of them and ask "do you like chicken hearts?" apparently the child doesn't because he then proceded to say he didn't think he did because they were the hearts from chickens and that sounded gross. So we had a nice if not a little bit late dinner....due to bad, shirt makes musical sounds when strummed.....anyway...nice dinner, nice wedding reception earlier, nice workout at Curves earlier. I keep exceding my goals...I think they better jack up the goals but I guess it'll get there....I guess that makes it an overall nice day.....well except for that 30 min or so in Albany, not lol, lmao. But we won't talk about that. Speaking of Albany, Carolee and I lost it for a while last night, it was right there then it was gone. How do you lose a whole city at night? It seems the lights would show for a ways, but we lost the whole city. We went and did our roller skating, which I enjoyed.....I'll have to see about Carolee :D. We decided to go to Boon's afterwards because it was still early and had to go get Carolee's car in Albany and took the wrong turn in the biggie right? It's all Albany......nuh uh....we lost Albany....drove for a while, did you know that the outskirts of Albany has some huge water filled ditches right up to the roads? It does. We did refind Albany buy making a lot of right turns and found the car and headed back to Salem, listened to the rest of the music and ate...cajun tater tots, fries, hummus and a cheeseburger for me and chowder for her. That was a darn good cheeseburger let me tell you. Our night of adventure for the month....but how do you lose a city?

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