Thursday, February 25, 2010

Same old same old....Curves, got set up on the Smart thing which adds some challenge to the whole thing.....I need imposed challenge lol......came home, got changed.....wore my old lady suit jacket I neglected to mention getting yesterday and went to the care center place. I was just finishing putting up the signs from before and one lady evidently thought I was someone official because she really wanted to talk about stuff, I told her repeatedly I was nobody official but she kept going back to it lol.....but we had a nice 45 minute talk. It must have been the old lady suit jacket that made me look officious or something .....the lady who sent me out with the signs probably wondered where the heck I got to. Heading out of there got a text from Jeff about walking at was a symetrical time or texted him back and asked if he wanted ice cream :D....I got my ice cream in the park . Also got to swing but that does NOT make me a swinger. Or maybe it does? What are the rules on that terminology? Anyway....I haven't had a real ice cream cone in a long time and it was good....jamocha almond fudge or something like that. Tonight Anna does her cheer thing at half time of Sprague's basketball game....that child did not get that from me but I'm glad she has no fear of performance lol....poor Isaac is going to get to deal with that curse. Sorry kid. Nah.....he got some other awesome traits :D. I laways feel weird punctuating after a smiley. Like it's got a blemish or something. Oooooohhhhhh........we go roller skating tomorrow night!!!! Maybe I can talk Joe into going....or maybe not...hmmmm......I'll try. I'll just say this...if people's lives are boring it's their own doing.....I'd go watch someone else skate if I didn't want to myself. Besides where else are you going to hear Mickey anymore???? Or YMCA?????? Black Eyed Peas are coming to Tacoma I believe...taking Anna is very tempting, but probably not. Isn't that why you get teenagers? So you can get away with stuff like that? Like you have toddlers so you can steal their tater tots at restaurants.....every age child has a benefit attached. I really need to paint....or pay someone and pretend I did. Actually I want to do the one butt bathroom and paint the walls light green and the ceiling gold :D.....and since nobody but the kids use it I could get away with that.....maybe black wall and a gold ceiling? Then it would be like sitting inside a pot of gold rather than just sitting on the pot? In my mind it's a beautiful combination. The green and gold lol, not the black and gold.

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