Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So Anna came home from school with a fair amount of black eye make-up on......"'re wearing make-up" said I "uh huh" said she......"well the colors aren't the best for you I don't think" said I, "I hate it" said she. Whew. "Maybe some lighter colors if you want" said I, "no, I don't need it" said she. Good girl lol. Hit Curves again...that place is like being on a japanese gameshow....speedy music with a voice every three seconds or so "change stations now" so all these old ladies climb off their machine and onto the next....when the music stops whoever's on that butt machine over there wins a special prize!!!! OK, not really but that would be kind of cool. Went home, cleaned up, showered and went over to help Alice out with putting all her stuff where she wanted it, she just switched rooms. I brought her the fake bird from yesterday and stuck it in the birdhouse, she seemed to like it. Alice is my lady, I like the name Alice. I wanted to name Anna Alice or Daisy but Dad didn't want an old fashioned name.....Anna was going to be Hanna but then her initials would have been HO and no future middle schooler should be saddled with that, so we went to Anna...but my point is aren't Hanna and Anna old fashioned? I just said OK, sounds good and not at all old fashioned. Whatever. Katie was named after my doll I had growing up, actually still have somewhere. Katie, meet Katie... Let's see, boys birthday is on Sunday, Joe will be gone...thinking of just doing it all on Sunday and he can do something after he gets home, but then I wanted to take them to Walking with Dinosaurs for their gift which would work just fine. Dinner with the grandparents on Sunday and dinos later in the week with Daddy.....only problem is anything with six people ends up costing buucko....I have no idea how to spell that but that's what I want to say so deal......bucks. But then who cares it'll be fun. The last thing they need is more toys anyway and clothes are boring when you're a boy and eight. How did they get to be eight? How did Anna get to be fourteen? Good Lord....How old am I??? These Post-its have changed my life, it's like little sticky pieces of paper that stick anywhere!!!! I just have to look up and see al sorts of things I need to do....whoa, look at that, all sorts of stuff....I've always been a last minuter though, I aways do get done what needs to be done but it is less worrisome having it all staring at me. I hear dogs barking, kids are almost here....yippee....oh, I don't like the smell of lemon starch, it's ok then when it gets hot ew....lavendar is much nicer, sorry get flowery.

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