Friday, February 26, 2010

I was so not going to do this today, because I mean stupid lol. Eh....oh well, here I am :D. Today has been a rather cool day, I love the sort of steady grey days that don't change, just drizzle all day, no wind no sun no drama....just get in the house, turn all the lights on and be calm and sluglike.....warm and cozy like a slug. I've had theFrench music thing going with the occasional dip into Italian and painted and did laundry and dishes and did some staring at the ceiling, which is highly underrated by the way, I looked at the living room and did nothing. Do you know how many days of neglect it takes before the children move into the living room? Two....just two and you may as well call it their bedroom. Oh, I did go out and hit that I'm in the computer thing it's even cooler. I tried the having a picture of myself on Facebook but that was just weird....besides everyone knows what I look like and it's like yeah...there I am. What does that say? Not much....other pics say more, everyone sees the outside of everybody. Anyway...the me pic got yanked I'm a bird. I am actually getting excited about tonight I'm 12 or something. A friend and I are going rollerskating, what is it with roller skates? Or is it just the going in a circle? I think it's just the going in a circle on wheels. Or the total uselessness of the whole thing? Whatever...wheels here we come.

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