Saturday, February 13, 2010

Well, I woke up this morning with a monkey head on my wrist and a sparkly chest......good thing I know where I was last night or I might wonder. Went up to a friends in Beaverton , talked totally off topic-ish for a couple hours then had one of those lady parties....which is where the sparkly chest came have to try all the stuff out...well, to a at the end of it all you're all lotioned, sparkly, glowy, pheromoney......a perfect state to in which to hop on Max and go to the Crystal Ballroom and listen to 80's music ...I say listen cause, yeah....I still don't dance in public. It's what I would call a of these days because I dance all the time at home. Anyway, having not having been on anything remotely train like in about 20 years it was fun and I've always wanted to go to the Crystal Ballroom and the huge monkey head stamp on my wrist was just a bonus.....which led me to think maybe another tattoo...I know I said I would never go there but never say never. Went to Curves....ok, that place is cool....takes all the nasty out of a gym and just gets it done, went to the Care Center yesterday and helped some residents make flower arrangements for the dining room which is quite funny in it's own way.....met one lady I think I really like, actually can just see it in them. So back on Monday except I'll bring a kid along. I'm hungry.

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