Saturday, February 6, 2010

They're not kids, they're speed bumps with wheels. Little kids at the skating rink are a menace. Yes, I fulfilled my hankering for roller skating today, took the kids and a few friends down to Lebanon and skated for 3 hours. Let me tell you......I most likely will be sore tomorrow. Do you think I could get away with calling the skating place the"gym" and going and "working out" a few times a week? Anna wants me to join Curves with her but honestly, I never did get into the machine thing....I don't care that much about my pecs, or my gluteus maximus for that matter.....besides what if I start to look good??? Then what? at least with roller skating I will have one awesome inner thigh and one awesome outer thigh add in the bowling and I will have one mega right arm too. Now there's a picture. We drove through and hit the dollar menu because everyone was hungry and I guess there was a muscular fellow working, I didn't see him but Anna was of course I made her touch my muscle and she goes "where did YOU get that?". Muscles do exist under fat. She's a lovely child, my hair looks like Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka and I look like a biker in my new coat. Thanks kid. Anyway, now we're having tacos revisited and then they will go to bed and then I think I will watch La Dolce Vita....Vida??? whichever. I've been wanting to see that since I saw Under the Tuscan Sun. Is it possible to have a mid-life crisis at 38? I don't think so because then that would mean I would be dying young and I don't plan on that, and I don't want a red sports car.....well, ok the sports car thing is starting to sound appealing, but not a red one. I just want to go to where I stopped and pick up again, and that I can do. Oh....I actually did get beer and clean my room out last's a teeny room but now it seems just the tiniest bit less teeny. I have a dream....nothing noble or inspiring, but a dream all the same. I want to have nothing in my room, ok...our room, that isn't supposed to be in a bedroom. Just bedroom stuff, that's it. Problem now is that I have a dining room with stuff that's not supposed to be in a dining room after last night. Eh....such problems.

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