Friday, February 19, 2010

Wait for kids time again. So I am. Today was very unproductive and it's just too nice a day for that but you know, sometimes you just go with I've done nothing....not even dishes :D.....except talk to Alice for awhile...didn't even go to curves for reasons of my own. BRB....ok.....dishes are done and laundry is out. That's better. I got asked the other day if I was Why? lol I've been called something similar to witch but I don't think they were thinking Wiccan.....maybe they were? That would have changed the whole scenario......shoot, maybe I owe an apology hehee. Anyway, no...I'm not Wiccan.....I'm a lousy Catholic, which ironically makes me a better one I think. But that's just me. Joe is out of town for a few days and the dog just walked under me and farted. Why do they do that??? Can't they go away and do that? Then they stop and look back....yeah, that was you buster. Is the fact that the dogs are always under my feet a sign of love and devotion, insecurity, or am I just Alpha dog? They don't follow Joe around and won't listen to him, I've had to get out of bed to get them in the kitchen before because they wouldn't for Joe. I want a T-shirt that says I'm the lead dog, right after I get the Whiskey Makes me Frisky one. Since I don't think we can do the beach thing today because Katie has orchestra til 4:15 maybe we'll just pretend and throw some stuff in the bag and eat dinner at a park, tomorrow there's a 4-H meeting at 1:00 so if the weather is holding at the beach still we may head then....or Sunday lol. Sunday is the boy's birthday and I've changed plans yet again...the Walking with Dinos idea got squelched and replaced with seeing Avatar sometime next that even still around? I wouldn't mind seeing it but Isaac doesn't like movies and Jake has proven in the past to be terrified of 3-D but hey.......I have Sunday lol. Somewhere I need to make a pot of clam chowder....actually 2 pots because I don't have one pot big enough.....I wish for a big pot. If I make it tomorrow then I have Sunday free and if I don't then we're a little more time crunched......dude, maybe I'll jack myself up on coffee and make it tonight!!! Ooops....since dinos is off I need to think of what to get them. Hmmmm....anyone have a large supply of large boxes? Maybe I'll make a trip to IKEA and get some lol. Last time I went I almost had the coolest hexagon box ever to bring home but I couldn't get it in the van.....sigh. Ooooh ooh....I have beef....and broccoli.....viola....dinner! That was easy...."what's for dinner?" "beef....and broccoli". I guess I should pay'll be fun because this was activity smack down AND concrete pour month and concrete was underestimated by about a freakin yard.....which meant hitting the minimum charge. Phbbblllttttt. Eh.....oh vell....and yes I meant to put a "v"...unlike most other mistakes which are just typos and since I don't read before hitting publish sometimes it's interesting lol. Anna just came in and has a sore throat....since I don't allow those she's hitting the vitamin D and pineapple....that'll do it. Because I say so.

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