Thursday, February 11, 2010 for kids. One of these days I'll get an organized food thing going, for now it's whaddya want? Did my first Curves workout thing.....ok, if it works that's about the easiest thing in the world....if it doesn't work then I guess it's a waste of time but since there's a whole huge business thing depending upon the programs success I will have faith that it will work. Though I think I will cheat and double it because I do like to feel something. Also went back to the, I guess I'll call it the Care Center, got semi-offered another job lol. I'm not looking for a job, ironically if I wanted one I probably couldn't find one. Anyway, I got to put name things on doors instead of help with the excercise gig, which was ok with me. I guess one of the gentlemen there likes to remove the name tags so I went around with super duper tape in an effort to thwart this particular gents enjoyment....turns out he was the fellow following me around and whistling.....sorry guy, you'll have to work a little harder now. There was this lady who sat in the hall and made random noises....I like her, you say something to her and she answers might not make sense but that's ok. I do like old people though, they're like young people.....but old.....tomorrow we're decorating cookies. Going there does give you great incentive to take care of yourself though, I'm trying my darndest to either have a speedy demise or retain all my faculties until the would be horrible to have to live being told you can't have a drink yet, you have to wait. Gosh darnit, I want my juice!!! Tonight I believe Alan, Jeff and I are walking...that's good because I farted off on this mornings walk.....let's see tomorrow I'm going to something about being madly in love with me lol......I already am....not to be too egotistical I'll see what that is all about and it's followed by one of "those" parties and "those" parties are always fun.....and I get to break the Salem boundary oh and Joe said I could get a I strike while the iron is hot or be responsible and safe and stick with the mini-van? Yeah, for now. I still want to get my kicks on route 66....and someday I will. Let's see....the boys are almost 8 so 375 days from now....then I shall. Toodles.

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