Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Seventeen minutes til the kids come home......time to catch breathe and make popcorn lol. I just got back from yesterday follow-up......went to Curves and joined, apparently made the ladies day because I thought it was cool her house burned down, maybe I need to work on my personal reactions, but hey....if your house burns down you get another is that bad? Maybe that's just my own personal view but the end of it all she offered me a job. 15-20 hours a week.......well, I'm not really looking for one but ok....unfortunately it was the hours I need to be home with the kids so that's out, but it was kind of cool lol. "Hey, you'd be good for business.....want a job?" Must be because I rock so dang much. After that I had an appointment with the care center lady and went around the place, met Violet who used to own a Piggly Wiggly, Monty who was the Comanding do you spell Kernal in the military style? of the National Guard for Oregon, and Hilda an Olympic gold medalist in swimming long ago enough that she got the medal from Hitler tomorrw I'm going to go and help with an excercise class lol, and get this....the lady asked how good I was with computers, and I said well not great and she said well, we'd like someone to run a Facebook is that not LMAO worthy? So I said, yeah....I know Facebook. Who says there isn't a power the be? Also potentially the "Birthday Lady"......hmmm....probably could do that one too. She called me "bold and energetic", ok I guess. Ran to the library and picked up some human form pose books, swung by the insurance office because I kinda sorta forgot to pay the bill and now I wait for children. Who thought such a simple question could be such a kick in the butt? Plans for tonight? Standing around naked for prolonged periods of time.

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