Monday, February 22, 2010

Wow. Is it possible for a breeze of discontent to blow through in the night? Well, I guess the largest discontent blew through somewhere else and came home......I got the kids all out of their funks before sending them off so they should be good by afternoon and I'm easy lol. Hmmmm......what can I possibly say on here.....I'll just say the roller coaster is leaving the station. Today I need to start pulling all the lose threads that are hanging, ever just kind of want to slack off? I do a couple times a year, then it gets scary and whoops, better get on that....of course I have all those perpetual slacking areas and sometimes I don't think those will change but I've kind of just accepted that that's the way those are going to be lol. BUT.....that being said I do need to pay the bills....I just don't want to. But I will. Soon, after this. I will pay bills, clean up from yesterday, finish up the laundry, go to Sunnyslope, maybe eat some celery....celery works magic did you know? Have a sit down/smack down/shape up if necessary and if all else fails go to a movie tonight.'s not much of a plan but it'll work.

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