Sunday, February 14, 2010

Howdy....Happy Valentine's Day or Anti-Valentine's Day....whichever the case may be. I apologize in advance but I'm gonna vent wee bit.....what in the heckety heck is so wrong or offensive or or or......or disapproval deserving about my Facebook page??? If you "disapprove" because what, 10 months ago I said you were annoying? If the shoe fits.......and get over it it's my right as your elder so phhbbbllltttt.......and as for the other, I find it somewhat offensive to be treated like there is something so horrible on my page that it can't even be mentioned without the proverbial sticking of your fingers in your ears and going "lalalalala....I can't hear you-oooooo". Well poop. Whatever I put on here I put because I want to, I don't care if anyone else looks at it or reads it, but I thoroughly enjoy it and a lot of it is a pretty big part of who I am, or how I am and to refuse to acknowledge any part of it is to refuse to acknowledge that part of me. So, again.....poop. And no, I'm not talking about Joe :). Maybe I should change my interests and only be interested in the weather and the vegetables and the flowers? Nah.......anyway, bowling sucked lol.....97, 96 and 117. I don't even know what to blame it on so I guess I'll just stay with bowling sucked. Ummm......don't go trying to pick up Valentine's doodads on the day because there is four of nothing left in the oddball assortment of stuff left....which is ok if there is a large selection but when it's "well three of them can get something really cool but the fourth gets um.....'that'" then it's not so good. So they all get something lame or one feels shortchanged.
Joe gave me an orchid last night....the whole orchid thing works out pretty well. I get them in the house for the months they are pretty then he takes them out and cuts them up to propagate. For some reason I really feel like fried chicken for dinner. That's unusual......and at the same time stunningly easy to prepare....hmmmmm........can I justify? No, probably's my own problem for not taking anything out of the freezer lol. At any rate I guess I'd better go figure dinner out.

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