Saturday, February 20, 2010

I think I'll be up for awhile again tonight lol, darn coffee.....there's something about the combo of agave syrup and the coffee that works wonders. I was up til 4:30 last night which was a bad bad thing.....but tonight I'll actually utilize the buzz since I didn't last night. I've got to get everything ready for the boys birthday tomorrow tonight, it's just grandparents and aunts and uncles and stuff but if I get all done tonight then tomorrow we just get up, eat breakfast and head out...I ended up getting them a bunch of Lego stuff and's kind of nice that all they want is Legos and Bionicles, easy. Maybe Joe will call but I doubt it....he's working and I know the rules (nodding wide eyed and obediently).....phbbbllltttttt on that lol. Ever feel like you've been thrown to the wolves in a way.....but I think I like the wolves. Next it'll be..."um, could you stop playing with the wolves please?" Nuh uh. Anyway.....break over, chowder calls.

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