Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What a beautiful day......one of those roll your window down and go for a drive days....which I did of course. I didn't intend to but I needed a fake bird after going to the retirement center, which I did after going to Curves.....so anyway before getting the fake bird I stopped in at the sushi place because I hadn't been there in a long time and well, why not? So I drove out to Lancaster to look for a bird at Craft Warehouse and did find one....it's orange and yellowish....a happy little fake bird. Anyway, they had all of their wonder boards 50% off (head droops remosefully for a second).....(then pops back up)....so I bought one ( :D )....not an outrageously sized one which I really really wanted to do but a decent sized one, now where to stash it? Or shall I just boldly display it for all to see? Yeah, display. But after that I went out 22 for a bit til it started to rain, ick....so I turned back towards the sun and did a backroad meander for about an hour, you know...you're never really lost until you admit it. I was looking for a cemetary or somewhere to pull out the blanket and enjoy the sun for a bit but no luck, usually you find one out in the boondocks somewhere. Maybe next time. I did see the cutest baby cow ever, like double take cute......cows are cute in their own cowish way but this guy was super cute.....maybe because he/she was of the longhorn variety? Are they known for uber cute offspring? They do make rather attractive adults cows? Now, it's back home and time to think about kids coming home and dinner....again.....speaking of, is there some like high cal food pills you can take? I haven't been hungry for like a month and I keep forgetting to eat which I don't want to do.....I don't really mind because I feel great but supposedly that's not a good thing to do. I always kind of figured just go with what feels good but I normally don't forget to eat lol. Maybe all my stuff has just kicked in and is working as it should? Because I'm really just not hungry. Oh well. I'm going to go play with my wonder board.....later.

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