Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let's see...totally and absolutely restless, not bored, restless. I just may hit a late movie after the kids go to bed. Or maybe Jeff's beer will remove the restless bug lol. Let's see, I thought todays horoscope was kind of putting the pressure on but I managed to live up to it but not intentionally, but I did manage to live a pretty indulgent day : ). I went to Curves then Sunnyside and laminated some more then I went to sushi because once again, why not? After that I went over to Goodwill and hit shoe bonanza, I got a pair of normal black boots, a pair of black elf boots, a pair of pointy black dress shoes and yet another pair of reddish with a dash of purple-ish dress shoes....I love second hand. After that I decided I could get some new socks so I headed to Costco for mens socks.....because everyone knows mens socks rock. Spent an inordinate amount of time hopelessly digging through piles of pants searching for a decent size but I guess the average Costco shopper is a size 4 or 6 because that's abouty all they ever have. Either that or us hefty folk scarf up all the anything above size 8 stuff really fast and there's none left which seems to me would mean ORDER MORE FOR THE FATTIES!!!!!! But I digress.....I did find a pair of capris in a size 10 which I am planning on praying to the skinny gods and burning offerings to something to be able to fit into this summer and a brown down winter jacket because I just got rid of my green one because it was too big and well, I don't want to wear stuff that's too big....oh yeah, I did get the socks too....a twelve pack of Russels sports socks. Then I stopped in at Star Nails because Joe keeps telling me to and got a manicure and my nails are now orangey brown....I still don't like getting that done but it's not as bad as a pedicure. Having someone work on your feet just seems um...I can do that it's ok.......I can't imagine how weird a massage would be lol. Anyway, my nails look nice for the next day or so, the elf boots aren't that uncomfortable and Jeff's beer is pretty good. I think it's called Ill Mannered Gnome which goes with the boots. Who knows....maybe I'll become ill-mannered as the night progresses. Then I could blame Jeff. So anyway, all in all a totally indulgent day and now I have little steaks and big shrimp to cook for dinner and I'll get to it. Apparently there is no school tomorrow which means I'll probably have to endure the newest Twilight movie with some kids because I keep telling Katie we'll go and last time we tried it was sold out. How does a movie that's been out forever sell out? So, note to up early. Isaac wants to go roller skating tomorrow too.....hmmmm. I wish Skate Palace would re-open as a skating rink. I think for my fortieth birthday I'll rent the Lebanon rink all for myself and whoever else wants to come : ). Punctuating after an emoticon....weird. When I cleaned off the old desk I found my bag of Hot Chili Pops with chili lime lambada and chili mango mambo flavors....I missed them. By now they're a little sticky but that's ok, they still have their sweet/sour/spicy goodness. Geesh, It's almost'd that happen? Guess I should go cook the little steaks and big shrimp and feed these guys. Toodles.

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