Saturday, May 30, 2009

What a nice day. It's a little warm but we have insulation now lol, it seems to help keep things cool in the far. We'll see later in summer, but it has to be better than before. Hmmm....let's see...went walking this morning, checked the T-ball schedule and found out that the game wasn't til 11:30 instead of 10 so I flew out of the house after frantically searching for warm weather clothes.....I don't have many lol. I prefer cool weather clothes.....I think it's time to sadly pack away my boots, I will shed as few tears as possible as I come to the realization that now I must find a summer favorite yet again. sigh. Anyway got to walking on time and we were waiting for someone else anyway Alan who I won't mention. After walking, zipped on over to the most interminably long T-ball game of the season so far....nobody won....or both teams won, depends on how you want to look at it. Whatever, or whoever, it was lo-oooong. Came home, made lunch, gave the kids their incredibly dull choices of "cheese and mayo, ham and cheese and mayo and mustard, and ham and cheese and mayo and NO mustard" and I had a simply delectable ginger chicken salad with lettuce and tomato sandwich with strawberries on the side. mmmmm. Tonight I'm thinking of making, well, it's not pizza....but it's round. I have round bread products in an assortment...and I have canadian bacon, and tomato products, and tomatoes, and pineapple, and's cheddar but who's really gonna care...ain't no Italians around here. Oohhhhh....I have buffalo chicken flavored cheese...don't ask it was one of those "huh?" purchases....turns out it has quite a bite to it. I'm sure I can incorporate it somehow....hmmm.....I have a chicken....and buffalo chicken flavored cheese and bleu cheese dressing.....I can make a buffalo chicken pizza with bleu cheese dipping sauce....I can. One thing I do like about warmer weather is the unspoken permission to have fun dinners....and have them later, I think it's downright insane to eat at 6pm. Whathewho? But anyway....spent a portion of the afternoon watching Chocolat with Danielle, the girls have been in and out all day while their mom is moving stuff...yep just finished that then for some unknown reason my eyes went ballistic on I had a beer. Beer is great for itchy eyes and coffee does the trick for the more respitory effects of hayfever. OK...I have to ask, why is it hayfever? There is no fever involved......just snarfling and sneezing, and itching? It should be haysnarfeezitching. Yes....I suffer from haysnarfeezitching.....have a beer. Doctor's orders. I had a party last night, Carolee came over....lmao....we are party animals. We had dips....and I don't mean dorky guys, I mean like food you scoop and eat. I like dips, all food should be eaten with another food. I think I am done, yes I am.....later.

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