Friday, May 15, 2009

OK, I sit down to write and kids surround me..."hi"...."hi" I say back, they look at me, I look at them, "what are you doing" they ask....."writing" I say..."how long will it take", asks them....."I don't know" says me......"doaahhhaaaaaaaaach" says them. Anyway, I prevailed and they all went outside where they should be anyway. I took a pork roast out of the freezer the other day and "had" to cook it today, so being in a supreme state of laziness and menstrual to boot, I just put it in a big pot......boiled meat...mmmmmm. It smells really good though, I just want broth and meat but I think I'll shred and spice some up and let the kids have tacos. I need to do something which is backwards because I don't feel like doing anything, I might go help peel wallpaper since I have no kids tonight. I had one but he left after not supposing to be here lol. She called at almost 6 pm and asked if he was here, I said yeah..because he was and she had called and asked me on monday if I could watch him after school monday thru friday, where did she expect him to be? So, I told her.....well, you asked me to watch him, and thought in my semi-grumpy mind because I had just caught the kid peeing on the side of the house and my kid about to, if you had someone at the house dontchya think you should tell me? Why in the world would they pee on the house? "He told me to" doesn't cut seems when this particular child is over that there's a lot of pee related play....I don't get it. Once they built a toilet and were all using it. I don't know.....but what I do know is that I've never had yard potty issues with just my kids. Well, as I kids tonight but the girls for two twelve hour shifts this weekend. I think their mom is going to burn herself out, I hope she doesn't but full time school and wacky work hours will do a number on a person. Katie stayed home from school today, she was wheezing and hacking this morning but I think she felt better by about noon. Whenever I suggested she looked better she managed to work up a hacky wheeze for me. I kind of wanted her to go this afternoon because it was the second day of the "special" health class, the one you have to sign a permission slip for, and I think she wanted to go but was having too much fun at home. I told her she'd never become a woman now and she didn't know if she should believe me or not. My poor kids. Though I do try to make sure I explain my "jokes" to them relatively quickly, sometimes I can't resist, but then you want them to trust you so what's whack job....I mean Mom to do. I think some of them still believe that Smurfs make the toilet water blue though, they didn't believe me but then I pulled out the Smurfing Singsong album and showed them that Smurfs were real. Then they became believers. What's really funny is we've had the last kid go "ah-ha" there is no Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy what have you, but then the boys still try to come up with proof that they're right, like they don't quite want to give up on the concept. I've even had the it's just for fun and if you want to believe that's alright and just never tell other kids because you don't want to ruin it for them conversation, but they still seem to want it. Gooddness gracious it is quiet in here. Anna went to the park with a friend, Katie is in the front yard with "the boy", and Isaac and Jacob are down at Chris's ....the child with everything. Oh, and Joe is snoozing, it's just me myself and whoever you are. I ran some errands today and stopped in at Goodwill because you never know what treasures you'll the Blingkers, though that was Salvation Army, today I was blessed with a pair of green Wolky slip on sandal type things and a pair of nice/plain Dansko for like nothing. I have a pair of Wolky shoes I dream of but they are $@!(....lmao, that's about right lol, but I meant $219. So maybe someday. I'm all about semi-comfort anymore, I never was a shoe horse, but if I can pay and have a pair of good, basic shoes forever I'll do it. Oh, good basic shoes that are comfortable and you can wear as long as you need to. Mmmmmm....boiled meat. Strangely enough, I'm not hungry anymore.....I was starving and figured out all I'd eaten was two eggs and half a bagel. huh. Oh well. Maybe my stomach found something hiding? I'd better go, bye.

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