Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I did it. I got going, did most of what I should have.......sadly I didn't do the floors, but there's always tomorrow. But I did go to Freddies, then I decided to hit Rainbow and on the way across the street I decided to pop in to the Salvation Army and dude......I step in the door and right there, and I mean RIGHT there is this pair of blingy sneakers, like wow. So I pick them up...ooohhh....my size.....they fit! I buy them.....(they're new, so don't be all "gross..used shoes....", besides I would wear someone elses clean underwear for a day for $100)....now I have Blingkers!!!! Yeah, I know, get a life.....but I like my life. Right now I'm enjoying a POM iced coffee...apparently, according to the bottle it is "a quintessential coffee experience with an indulgence of antioxidents". Can't go wrong with that. Ew ew.....chunks! Anyway, I was just excited about the Blingkers, they have a bedazzled rhino on the side and say red on them though they are white so that must be the brand lol, red by marc ecko. Whose marc ecko? Google here I come...bye.

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