Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh my golly gosh……..can you say chaos? From like 7:55 til 8:00 it is just mass chaos around here… check it out…it’s all me… “Ok, guys, time to go, Isaac get ready…..Jake you got everything, got your hat? Your lunch? Your backpack? Good, out side…..Erin…STOP SINGING and are you ready? Out then, no, don’t bring your violins, wait….did your teacher tell you to? Ok, then bring them…….No? she didn’t say “bring your instruments today?”, ok, then leave them here, yeah I know you have a concert tonight, Isaac where are you…..put some socks on……Jacob you left the door open (dogs escaped)…..Stop SINGING…..Danielle and Katie get your violins OUT of the kitchen…..Isaac, where’s Isaac? ISAAC? GET SOME SOCKS……in the laundry then, I folded a bunch yesterday and if you’d put them away you’d have them in your drawer, here, lunch….shoes….NOW. Erin…outside…how did Jake’s hat get on the roof? Isaac, do you have everything you need? Are you sure? How did you get the hat off the roof? Whatever…..wait for your brother…..Jake get back here….Ok…don’t forget to get Anthony….bye”. Whew. Now I’m going to see if the dogs came back. Yep, there they were eating the cat food I just put out….for the CATS. Funny thing is the cat has started eating the dog food. Anna leaves about a half hour earlier and she just says “bye Mom” and I say “Ok, same time? Have a good day” and out she goes……very nice.

Let’s see, I talked about circuses yesterday and got a bunch of circus ads, I may try the bass thing again but maybe there just aren’t any fish ads out there? Oh well. I went over to my grandma’s house last night with Anna because she’s doing a report on Denmark and needed to talk to a Dane….my Mom was peeling wallpaper over there and she’s a Great Dane (RFLMAO), so we went and helped peel wallpaper, evidently we showed up for the easy room, I guess the other rooms were hellish in their own wallpapery ways… So now instead of old person blue wallpaper the room is a light gold which would have matched the gold carpet of yore delightfully….more yellowy gold than “gold” I guess, but I like the imagery of the Gold room…..much like I cherish the memories of my parents Boud… do you spell that French word that evokes thoughts of a room in a house of ill repute? Bo….bu….well it sounds like boodwa….anyway the red velvet and silver wallpaper was cool. Brb. Ok…..I am really going to get out today and look for a dress because I don’t want to show up at my cousins wedding in my happy jeans and Blingkers. Though the Blingkers do add a touch of class to any outfit……hmmmm. Should I copyright “Blingkers”, or whatever it is you do to protect intellectual property? I wish I could sing……this little 5th grader on the tube just belted out second hand rose……I wanna be able to do that…I just go around whistling really badly probably creating a wrinkly upper lip for my old age. Yes, I will shower and I will go to a store that purveys dresses, I don’t have to worry about dinner because the lasagna I made wasn’t very good, it had too many interruptions………so anyway that means ……...CHOP IT UP, ADD WATER……SOUP!!!! I might throw in some corn….everything is better with corn…..and it’s oh so fun later. Ooh oooh…tomorrow is payday…..that means BILLS!!!!! I love paying bills, I think I’m addicted because I’ll have withdrawals for a few days while I accept that I have to wait 2 more weeks to do it again. I guess it’s not a bad addiction as long as you don’t start sending off bad payments when you shouldn’t……”hey I paid off the house today, tomorrow I’m paying off the car”. I’m not that bad, I can keep myself contained to funds available. Do you think there’s a 12 step program for compulsive bill payers? Just in case. Well, I should go now. Yes….now. Bye.

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