Monday, May 18, 2009

It's monday again, I generally like mondays...though I think I'd feel the same way if it were tuesday, or wednesday.....or even friday. The major room clean out was a major success and the girls room looks really nice and empty, I have a load for Goodwill though lol. Let's see, I've called dog control because I got notices that I need to register the dogs, and was told "oh the computer sends those out without checking", cool...always nice to see efficiency in action.....called and got the childcare stuff straightened out, now I'm here and really hungrybut I don't feel like eating anything. Weird? For today I look into my future and I see laundry, or rather more laundry because I've already done two loads, Goodwill run, my Mom just called to see if "I maybe, possibly, probably not" could take my grandma to the doctors if needed later on, of course I can lol. Let's see, make an appointment, make bread and cookies......oh and major project for today is me and Joe's room.....I already pulled the BB guns out. Why are there BB guns in our bedroom? Anyway, I think I'm going to yank the closet doors because they've been off track since before Afghanistan and it's time, they can join all the other closet doors in the garage. If we ever need a lot of tables all we have to do is get a lot of saw horses lol, and we're set. I'm supposed to go walking tonight but I'm thinking not, I don't feel much like socializing right now, kind of in a "been here, done this" state of mind. Anna is home from school today and is obsessing about a bee in here....I'm gonna go.

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