Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nice day is over. This is going to be one of those blogs I'm not supposed to do, it might infuriate the great one. But you know what? The great one can grow up. Just because someone appreciates something I do is no reason to "put me in my place" because maybe I don't like your place. Drop kicking plants across the yard? And why? Could you please tell me why? Because I won't let you do anything? Such as? What won't I let you do? More like you won't let me do anything by reacting with this ballistic crap. Where were you last night? You said someone called and invited you over, I said ok, and the kids and I had a party, you knew we were going to have a party when you left. When have you ever not done anything you've wanted to do? When have I ever not helped you out to do whatever you've wanted to do? Am I supposed to greet people with "hi, please don't compliment me or appreciate me in any way, it flips out the great one". The only thing I won't let you do is take away from me, you don't have to add to me, but you ain't taking anything away, been there done that.

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