Friday, May 22, 2009

Dang....I missed a trend!!! On the Today show they just proclaimed "it's chic to be cheap"......I've been cheap for years, not cheap as such, frugal, shall we say. I just figure get what you want, don't bother with what's not worth it, but pay for what you'll enjoy. I wouldn't ever enjoy a $3-5 cup of coffee on a daily basis and I don't think I've ever paid "retail" lol. When all this recession obsession started I said "it ain't a recession til my sources are tapped".....I still cruise through the grocery store and get almost everything I need half off lol. Except bulk stuff but that's ok. When people are picking all "my" blackberries and "my" reject apples......then there is a recession. Yes I'm an opinionated **s but it makes my life interesting. But now.....I'm changing my thinking a bit....I spent $20 on a sweater thing, it was hanging there and I said "oooh, I bet that goes with my dress and it might be cold in Chicago....right?". A month ago I would have said nope, not yet....if I wait it'll be 80% off instead of a measly 66%. Of course on the Today show their examples were still outrageous....this would have cost Trina $873 retail but she got it for just $254 consignment". Ooooh. Oh well, I guess I haven't been chic all my cheap life so I guess it won't kill me to not be chic in a not quite so cheap life lol. Oh...wanna know something else I've always said? Doesn't matter, my blog and I get to do anything I want, muaha, and I do always say stuff....what was that term for this kind of blog? Self....something....self, self.....oh dang it. basically self-centered lol, but more eloquent. Anyway, I've always said..."if you can't afford to leave a good tip you can't afford to go out". I used to know someone...ok, I was married to him, who would look for any reason to leave a crappy or no tip at restaurants. I just learned to tip on the sly....he was always all...but we don't have any money...ummmm, then why aren't we having spaghetti at home? Dude? Huh, why? Ay.....whatever. Don't have to worry about that anymore. Tonight is Katie's orchestra concert, it's the all area conglomerate type of concert where the elementary, middle and high school kids all perform. I got called this morning and just may have the girls I babysit tonight too but they are all in orchestra together so that'll work pretty well. I think today I will iron Joe's shirts for next week since I'll BE GONE all weekend!!!! Finish up all the laundry, clean up a bit and go run around, I have a bunch of errand type stuff to do. Yes, that is what I'll do. Good to have a plan.

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me thinks you have a fascination with dang!