Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Alrighty, I've got 30 minutes til I need to get ready.....hmmmmm......just talked to my sister and bemoaned team sports, there must be a genetic dislike of organized activities in my family, I'm not sure about the male element but the female element is NOT into it. She, though has the opportunity to send her kid, by opportunity I mean it's offered near her, to CIRCUS CAMP!!!! How cool would that be? "Johnny is going to science camp this summer, oh how nice...little Roland is going to horse camp.......oh he'll just cherish those memories, what about darling Maynard? Oh he just had spend the summer at the Harvard Little Nerd program...awwwwww. Hey....what about your little progeny (is that right?). Oh just wait til you hear this, my child is going to circus an antique circus tent....taught by real circus folk!" I would send my kids, I like circus folk, they're cool. We have that little circus that comes through here every year and it's so cute....the same guys are tightroping, then they run off and come back on the elephant, then it's off to the dome of death......I always get a warm fuzzy feeling when we go because what a perfect life......but then I get sad because it's obviously getting smaller every year and won't be around much longer.....dang video games and cable and DVDs.....nobody appreciates a good death defying neck twirl anymore. I would let my kids educate themselves in the circus arts, because're not losing a normal're gaining a freak show. No, I don't think circuses are freak shows, I just liked the way it sounded. I don't edit myself much here lol, kind of a hit publish then read after.

I go over to the school today and play at prison matron for about an hour and a half then do "data entry" in the office......meaning I input the names of the kids who have to stay after school lol, I know the ones who don't do their work ....a few of Anna's friends are on there....hmmmm....maybe I should offer a little encouragement when I see them? Hey any homework? I'll find out if you do, you may as well do it and not stay after, though some are on the list frequently enough I wonder if they use it as free afterschool care? Hmmmmmm.....
Last time I was there there was a student asking about the after school bus schedule and the office ladies had no idea what they were talking about so I stuck my head out and told them the answer, of course they disregarded me and didn't appreciate my input into their business and proceded with their useless babble...poor kid, she just wanted to find out how to get home. Anyway, vice-principle came in and they asked him and he almost word for word told them what I told them.....score! Ha! Ok, without giving too much info, I just went to the bathroom and as I was leaving I noticed on the TP package it says "flushable"......well good, I'm tired of that stuff we can't flush????? Are people still using catalog pages? I think I'll wear my Blingkers to the school today, or maybe the boots.... I need to get the most use out of them before the weather gets "nice". I don't know what's nice about non boot appropriate weather but it's just one of those things to be dealt with I guess. Toodles.

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