Friday, May 29, 2009

Another day, lol. So, now I'm sitting here in my sarong...that's as far as I got towards a shower.....I was dying in the flannel PJs but didn't want to get dressed because I was too hot so I needed a shower but I am really protesting that for some reason today. I want to be a dirty girl I guess. I vacummed, cleaned the bathroom, did a load of laundry, cleaned up the kitchen and ate breakfast....oh and took the trash out. Now what? If it were payday I'd pay the bills, I still could I guess just postpone the post dates.....hmmmmm...nah, what would I do on monday then? I had a culinary breakthrough with two of my kids....finally. For years now I've been trying to get them to eat the good yogurt but they want that stuff with the fruit stirred in...not on the bottom mind you, but stirred in, and for years I've been disappointing them by shopping at Rainbow and buying whatever they happened to have.....oooohhh....once they had Oikos and I bought a bunch because it was cheap....dang was that good....I'm all oooh......that's good, here try this and they're all ick, gross. Found out later that stuff is $2.50 an 8 oz container, I should have eaten more. Anyway....I decided I'm just going to buy myself good yogurt because heck why not? So I go to Lifesource and check it out and they have Wallaby on sale this month for .89 and I just have decided I'm worth .89 at least, so I buy some and go mmmmm....good yogurt. BUT....I eat it all and need more so I go tp Freddies and they don't carry Wallaby so I said harumph and ended up with Stonyfeild Farm Organic Whole Milk French Vanilla WITH cream on top....why did I go here? Oh yeah....culinary breakthrough......while I was getting all orgasmic over my yogurt the boys decide they want to try the three of us are then sitting at the table going oooohhhh.....this is good....mmmmmm.... Now for their lives haven't I been trying to get them to eat "good" yogurt? Yes, I have....and FINALLY I have succeded...muahahahaha.....girls still think it's gross though. I will prevail. Dang, that was good. The yogurt I just ate, not whatever I just wrote.

What's up with praying? I believe in God and I believe in prayer....or as I once heard......pray, smoke, chant for me lol. Whatever gets you there.....but having other people pray for you seems kinda dicey.....what if they don't pray for what you want? Is that why some people perpetually have problems? Because everyone's out there praying for the wrong things and nobody's actually really doing anything productive? To me prayer groups and prayer chains and golly whatever else puts it all in an American Idol category....hey God....look at this person......see how many prayers they got? Don't they deserve your help? Oh that lonely fellow over there? Pshaw...he only has his own prayers. It seems that whenever someone has troubles the response is "I'll pray for you". Gee, thanks, in the mean time I don't know what to do and my life is falling apart.....and oh crap......but thanks for your prayers". I guess to me prayer is private, help the person and if you feel they need prayer then go for it. My standard prayer for others is that they figure out what they need to do to fix the problem, or can come to terms with what they've got. So all you all out there I will probably never ever in my life tell you I'm gonna pray for you but if I feel you need it I'll be rooting for you figuring it all out. I guess it's sort of a rebellion against the two pots in life, the action pot and the prayer pot.....the action pot is frequently empty and the prayer pot is overflowing....maybe God goes through his day looking for the full action pots and helping those folk out? I still don't want to take a shower. Hmmmm.....SH*T! I just went to get my laundry and the blasted washing machine overflowed again!!!!!!! Don't anyone dare pray for me! Frickin, frack, frack...poop.'s a nice day, just open the garage door, let it air dry......look at it as an opportunity to finish up the pile in the middle of the garage that's now all wet. Frick. A little more yogurt of the gods and now I have a project. See how that works? God always gives you what you need...I needed something to do....he overflowed my washing thing. To top it all I have an excuse not to shower.......whoppee!!!

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