Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hey people.....I have a doorbell. Why not use it lol. I don't hear knocks as well. Ok, so for a few years we didn't have a doorbell but now we do.....try it. Does anyone want to know the secret to weight loss? I've explained my method to some friends but I think I'll share some more. Keep your clothes uncomfortable.....that's it. We've all heard of the mumu effect right? Hey, I feel good, bring on the cheese.....but when you're uncomfortably aware of your situation then you aren't quite so eager to partake of the goodies. Because remember......nothing tastes as good as tying your shoes without getting out of breath feels. Besides, if your choices are running around naked or fitting into your pants I think you'll make the right decision. Last night we all, not those related to me, but the other we all, the walking we all, went to a little B-day shindig....thank you Vee..dinner was da bomb, very nice...oh and the cream puffs were almost to die for but I'm not ready to die so they were just really dang good. And Happy Birthday and a day to Devon, thank you for getting old so we could go eat Vee's bombing meal? That sounds bad....da bomb is a good thing but to bomb is bad? Hmmmm.....sort of like why will people say a "cute butt" and yet also say "butt ugly"? fart........WHY DO THEY HAVE TO SIT UNDER ME? I'm starting to think about getting ready to go to Chicago......I have a suitcase because I knew someday I would go somewhere. I bought 3 or 4 pairs of nylons, or panty hose, or whatever they're called....I like "stockings" see my nice "stockings"? "Oh dear I have laddered my stockings". Anyway, I have black, I have black that will make me look slim (HA!), I have taupe, and I have that weird pantyhose color......I should be all set, no matter my mood, or what looks good, I should have it. Yes....stockings have always been an issue for me.......Oh and I bought gargantuan ones too so they'll fit....I usually try and squeeze into the normal people size ones. So, I have stockings...bring on the wedding, I'm good to go. Anybody know what the weather in Chicago is supposed to be this weekend.....I figured I'd cover all bases but it would be nice to have an idea. Yeah I know....look it up....don't want to. Um.....I'm gonna see cousins. Doh! oh dilly I am dallying around and I almost forgot about the boys musical animal production at's only 12:30 though so I'm good. Though you'd think the farting dog would be enough musical animals. I love watching the younger kids productions....oh yeah tonight Isaac debuts as Little Billy.....the boy who gets hit by the bus at Cub Scouts. Coolness. Oh yeah...and at 3 I am taking my Mom to get her nails done....all of them, hands and feet. Maybe I should go look at the calendar? Doh.....and karate 4:30 to 5:30. Oh, my neighbor who knocked on the door despite the presence of a doorbell wanted to know if it was ok for him to get some chickens. I guess they're considering allowing us town folk to have 3 chickens in our backyards......dude...I want chickens. they could run around with the dogs. and the kids...then I truly would have a flock. Do you think a cat would eat a chicken? Only problem is I'd be sitting there waiting for eggs to pop out. I like eggs.....can't make breakfast yet...waiting on another egg. For kicks you could offer a buck to the kid who can catch a chicken first and let them out. oh let's see...better get going, don't want to miss the production.

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DING DONG! I think you did shower yesterday cause, big mouth white bass,U didn't smell at the V Bday party

DIng Dong