Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm sad. My girls are moving. I knew they were going to move but their mom said she was going to try and stay in the area.....they're moving to Broadway and will be going to Gangster...I mean Parrish Middle School. She says she still wants me to babysit them and since it's summer vacation there shouldn't be a problem for a few months but what's she going to do once school starts up and she gets off work at 7am and the kids are across town at my house and need to be at school at 8 am? She's gonna flake or find a neighbor like her to watch them or I'm gonna say "I'll take them to school". If it works I would because I hate to throw them to the wolves. If I could I would take them, but I can' Mom always said to never do foster care because you have to give them back. As it is they're here alot when I'm not babysitting them and right now I'm babysitting them 50-60 hours a week, so they're here a lot.....where are they going to be now when mom's sleeping all day?