Monday, May 11, 2009

Hmmmm....monday, day after sunday....hmmmm....oh! We had dip for dinner! Last night, what better dinner for dinner than dip? We went out for breakfast, skipped lunch because nobody made any lol, and I loudly proclaimed that if I was making dinner on Mother's day then we were having dip. Heehee. It was one of those texican 7 layer dealies, so you've got your protien and your produce and your dairy and your grains. Why can't all dinners be so easy? Maybe that will be a new tradition...I'm coming up with all sorts of dip for Mother's day dinner, and Birthday Eve....I'm liking this. Maybe I'll start having the kids save all their teeth that fall out all year and put them out for Santa because our Tooth Fairy has issues, she (or he) is very unreliable. Well, anyway, we madeit through relay day, Katie's team got 7th and Danielles team got eighth placers this year. While I was at the races, Joe still hadn't found out how to get 8 people to Washington in 7 seats, yeah I know....squish them in. No. Don't want to, not worth it. Personally I don't see what's wrong with saying "hey, can't make that's way too out there to be reasonable". I showed down with an Auntie once lol, she ignores me now. Bossy so and so she is anyway. Anyway anyway, Joe calls...he needs me to go with him to get the van he came up with, between Katie's run and Danielle's we scoot out to the airport to pick it up. I'm thinking 8-seater van, ok...whatever...he rented a 12 seater silver monster van. Wow. After I got done going "wow", then a brief spell of laughter and the kids getting over their awe we trucked home, changed everyone, got back in time for the race, piled in and took off for the mystery wedding, I never did find out who the groom was til we were leaving.....turns out he was the tipsy guy who wandered through a few times.....good to know. I'd pinpointed the bride cause she was in the big white dress, I think if I got married with a one year old on my hip I'd take advantage and wear.......ok, so I've done that except with 2 one year olds lol and all I wore was a brown skirt and halfway ugly shirt in my living room, but I like to think I would wear something really colorful....and shiny.....but then we didn't have a maybe I would have. Given the chance. Not that I want the chance. Mind you. Anyway, I think the whole concept of virginal white needs to change. Maybe it has? Well, we trucked on up there, came up with all sorts of names for the van (the cabin cruiser, the hummer, the CTU or Child Transport Unit, the babe magnet chick car, the Carvee and who knows what else) and listened to teeny bop music while following incorrect Mapquest directions...turns out there is no exit 30b....but there is an exit 9, which we were supposed to take....but we got there just in time for food. Perfect if you ask me. Now the kids want a CTU and it was pretty intoxicating having all that space back there, seeing little Isaac all alone in the back seat just grooving along. Unfortunately then I envision my self driving it to the grocery store and trying to reach the screen at the drive thru ATM, and the temptation wanes a little.

I got some wonderful child art for Mother's day of course....two little ceramic bowls made out of outlines of the boys hands and cards with coupons for me...Jake gave me a "fee hug, a fee kiss, a fee foot rud, and he'll set the table", Isaac gave me "rest, !,? and TV", apparently that means I can take a nap, watch TV whenever I want and then have 2 wild cards to boot. So sweet lol. Katie's teacher was slacking lol, they just made cards with sayings printed on and decorated. She did add that "I rock" but the she said she chose that printout because the other one she had to write 10 things about me and that the one she chose was easier. How sweet. Anna bought me 2 plants at the school plant sale, gave me a bowl she made in ceramics and made a card with a list of thank yous such as "making me do the dishes after dinner, go to my friends house, teaching me how to save money, making dinner for us, having us eat at the table as a family, my kindness (hmmmm?) to us, and for being the world's best mom" awwww how sweet. Then at the bottom she wrote "not normal (in a good way)". Hmmmmm....... OK, lol. It's very quiet here....I can hear the clock ticking...kind of eerie.

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