Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Good morning world! I am HUNGRY. I am boiling eggs. My brain is still sleeping, though I did manage to get the kids lunches together with more than just bananas and I did get them all fed but I think that's more just running on habit lol. I just heard on the news that the new comfortable square footage for a family of 4 is 2000 sq ft. Hmmmm......what did it used to be? That's actually a big house for 4 people, my parents is like 2200 and we had 6, mine is 1200 and we have six-ish....of course we do get that bursting at the seams feeling at times. If house sizes keep shrinking as they say what's going to happen to all the monster houses when people don't want them? They are like, huge. I guess you could split a 4-5000 square foot house into 4-5 low income housing units lol. All the "big, fancy" neighborhoods on the outskirts of towns can become the new ghettos and all the well off can move into the smaller, older neighborhoods. Whatever, my eggs are done and one seems......wrong......not sure why it's just not rolling and boiling right. Ok, well.... it seems ok. I got a carton of farm eggs once that "may be a little old" lmao....or sad, whichever, but each one had a little bitty chicky in it. Guess where I'm not getting eggs from anymore. Why did we open them all? Oh yeah, I didn't lol, Joe did, I would have stopped at the first itty bitty chicky, he wanted to see if any were good...ew, ick. Mmmm...yummy, I feel better now.

We went out last night for a bit after walking, Happy b-day and a day Dee, and thank you Vee....put them together and what have you got? NM. Anyway, that was fun, I think my take away from last night will be "banana love"..."smells like chocolate(me).....smells like banana love(Devon)". OK, she really said "van-nillaaaaa", but I don't care. Blogs of this sort are very self-indulgent I'm discovering. This is my world and I like it. heehee. Oh, yesterday we got 20 two cent stamps in the mail from our investment guy....cool. Too bad I went and bought like 800 forever stamps a few months ago......but if I get 2 more two cent stamps I can stick them all on something and mail it.....coolness. Do you think the extra weight from all the stamps would increase the stampage requirement? I do think it was very thoughtful though of the man who's totally aware of the account nose dive to send us 2 cent stamps.......very thoughtful indeed. Thank you investment guy. Ooohh, now I might get financial ads going....better than panties and trannies. I told Devon I was going to start throwing weird words in just to see what, large mouth bass, happens. Maybe someday I'll do that. Bass. If I can get my self going here I'm going to wash the floors then go looking for a dress...I saw these like borderline stripper, large mouth, shoes this weekend but they were on this side of respectability so they were ok, but anyway, they didn't fit. I totally would have bought them if they did, they were super cute. I hate shoes. Oooops, I also have to hit Freddies, they have organic bananas, heeheee....banana love, on sale, and organic strawberries, and butter, and cheese, and pineapples...oooh....and colgate....79 cents, can't beat that. All righty, freddies and dress search. Oh, and the floor. Why can't houses just have grates for a floor, that could be cool.....you could keep guinea pigs down there too. I guess then I'd have to wash the grate huh? Ok, fine. Joe needs more shirts, then I could just wash them all and iron them once a week and be done, now I have to think about them tomorrow, life large mouth bass is so tough. I'm off, dishes, laundry, bathroom, floors, then the more fun stuff. Yes, that's what I'll do. Buhbye

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