Saturday, May 9, 2009

Well, good morning...nothing like early morning cup battles....six kids, about 300'd think nothing but good could come from it but nooooooo, there has to be that one kid who just has to knock everything down. I got this box of 1000 paper cups at a garage sale a few years ago and have had them sitting around ever since, I have this irrational guilt (I know, I don't believe in guilt but in realilty I don't believe in the perpetuation of guilt, if you feel guilty you're doing something wrong so change it) anyway, I have this irrational guilt over using paper cups for no reason, so I kept them, and kept them.........and kept them. Finally I decided to get rid of them and have been giving them to people, not like randomly on the street, but people I knew who might not be bothered by them, and a bunch of tubes went to Goodwill. I'd kept 4 tubes and they kept falling on me whenever I opened the cupboard, *^&^%96 blankety blank cups!!! The last time they fell on my I guess I had an a-ha moment and gave them to the kids, with these. And play they have, for like 3 days now.....muahahaha. Well, hey.....destructo child seems to have settled down, cool.

Today is the Kid Relays...whoop whoop, dang it destructo child is back in action, he just can't let the other kids be, anyway.......2 kids running, twice the fun. It's kind of cool, 2 hrs of sitting followed by "oh....there she is, behind that guys head...over there.....dangit sit down.....oooohh...they're running go go go........ahhhh". We get to do that TWICE this year lol, Jake got confused about tryouts otherwise we would have three times the joy. Kids, if you read this I really don't mind, just like to gripe a bit. It's good for the soul. Besides if I do it here Joe doesn't have to listen to me....he's very serious. Lifesource is also doing its food fest thing but I think I'm gonna have to pass this time, I'm gonna miss all the sample collecting lol, I come home and dump all the organic pet food into my vats, heehee....simple pleasures. let's see what am I doing today, I gotta figure that out.....I'm going to walk because I want to, relays from 1 to about 5, then wedding up in Washington at 7, so between now and 7 we (Joe) need to come up with an 8 person vehicle because none of the kids wanted to hang onto the luggage rack, young whippersnappers. I wonder if we could get away with dressing two in the same shirt and calling them conjoined? Four of them are twins after all. Hmmmmmm......

I am going to go boil me some eggs....because I'm getting hungry, and I can......and I like eggs.

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