Monday, May 18, 2009

I was good lol. Nothing like walking with women who "know" what it's like. I came home about 7:15 ish and plowed through cooking dinner because nobody wanted to eat at 4:30 so I dang well better have it ready by 8:00, and since I want to walk I'd better cover my duties lol. Anyway...we had salmon, those french fingerling potatoes and spring mix frozen veggies. OMG! I don't know what I did but that salmon was da bomb. I just salt, pepper, and dilled it and fried it sort of in coconut oil. It was good. Like really good. So now, we've had dinner cleaned up and the kids are in bed settling down, oh and Joe is sleeping. Which leaves me, here...with the computer and the dogs. Hmmmm.......I haven't really talked to Joe since yesterday so I don't know the vibe that's going on but that's ok I'm feeling pretty good, I really do like my life. The boys class is going to have a choir performance about animals at school on thursday and then thursday night at Cub Scouts they are going to perfom a skit where I guess Isaac is going to play Billy the boy who gets hit by a bus. He's all excited and can re-enact getting hit by a bus very well. So anyway, here I am, listening to Slightly Stoopid with a glass of pomegranate juice with a splash of rum and there's nothing wrong with that. I was wondering cats look at dogs and think how stupid? Or do they just kind of co-exist? Because my dogs get all excited if the cat moves faster than normal and she just looks at them like get a life you stupid mutts. I swear she sleeps in their bed and eats their food just to show them she can, she's a nice cat I'm glad I got stuck with her. The girls I babysit showed up with her one of those horrible rainy November mornings and Joe let her in....never let a stray in your house......ever! Then they are your responsiblity. Like trash, if you pick it up it's yours. Well, anyway, she was really young and it was nasty weather and she never left, so here she is. We fixed her and named her, Princess Twinkle Butt. Actually I named her and the flambouyant vet nurse guy won't call her by her full name. I told him I didn't name her Princess Twinkle Butt for her not to be called it. Now he will, lol. Score for me. Anyway, I really like her, better than these dogs who are always under foot. Farting. Ok, I love the dogs too, but they are so needy it's sad....."oooh ooh love me, me!", the cat on the other hand is all "Hmmmmm....what's in it for me? I'll come over there if I need something or you really deliver on your promises of great things ". Hmmm...much like my choices in other areas lol. Hmmm. Well, anyway....I borrowed some, 5 actually, of my Mom's old Harlequin Romances from the eighties and have been reading them before I go to sleep. Wow. Way back when I was sneaking them they seemed so different, now 20+ years later I'm all "he's a jerk, what are you thinking?", I guess times change and people change. But it is funny how we got into the old brother found a grocery bag full of them in the old cannery field, we found all sorts of stuff in that cans, funny pipes, plums....and probably most importantly the bag O' Harlequins. That field is a nice park now but I'm sure the kids don't have more fun than we did lol. It had a creek and we'd drag crap over there and build bridges and stuff, nothing like a water front field for a bunch of kids to play in. I still have fond memories of the field in Michigan across from our had a TREE! I always wanted to get a mower and make paths in the whatever it was that grows in fields, a couple kids pulling at weeds doesn't really make an effective dent. Well, since I can babble on forever I guess I'll bid you adieu and be on my way. Night.

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