Monday, May 18, 2009

Alrighty, yes I know I'm not "supposed" to do this, but ya know what....sometimes I have to do what I have to do and I'm doing this because maybe my mom will read it and there will be less oh....confusion later. So, I'm going this weekend to a wedding with $32 at my disposal, thankfully I'm going with my parents so I won't be stuck at the airport or trying to dicker down the hotel rates. This has been well planned and is not a surprise to anyone so my choices are wandering around and crying, but I really don't want to show up and be all morose and weepy, or passing on the joy to you all, whoever you may be. Even though that quiz said I was a bucket doesn't mean I have to keep someone elses issues and Mom, I'll pay you back? Ok, much better...maybe I will walk I'm going to go back and edit lol. brb. Done.

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