Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I have just been slacking today. Maybe it’s jet lag….because I left on a jet plane, knowing when I’d be home again…anyway, no time for song. I tried all forms of self perking….almost. I took a shower and got dressed, I stared at the computer, I read a book, I took a nap, I ate lunch, I drank coffee. Finally I’m all OOOhhhh….I’ll go to Youtube and watch/listen to music…..unfortunately every song only loaded about half way and that was just frustrating. Well, since I’m sure someone is dying to know how I dumped the funk I’ll tell ya. I put in a CD…Amy Winehouse, but she turned out to be depressing so I switched over to Johnny Cash. Much better, I like Johnny he’s cool. Except maybe that one where he keeps shooting Delia, that’s not real cool….but I got the ironing done, quickie vacced everything, and quickie washed most of the floor. Oh and some laundry. Now I need to figure out dinner because we have a choir performance tonight……doh!!! I need to do this in the morning lol, it gets me thinking straight…..I was going to walk tonight, good thing it got canceled, cause I wouldn’t have shown up….not that they can’t do without my presence but it sounds like not many were going to be there so it’s not nice to not show for the one who may be there and then they’d be all alone. And that would be sad. Anyway, I have no idea what I’ve said and I don’t want to know….bottom line, choir performance and girls are over tonight. I think they’re moving but haven’t heard anything official yet, so who knows.

The other day I was going somewhere and was driving down the road and that cool/awful song came on the radio, I don’t know where I was going but it doesn’t really matter. Probably going to get another pair of “stockings” for the wedding, turned out it was a good thing I brought four pairs because the pair I wore to the wedding kept rolling down…nothing like dress tugging, so I pulled out the mega pair for the reception and they worked just fine…..note to self, buy the blasted things about 100 pounds too big. Back to the song, it was that one that keeps tricking me….it comes on and I’m all “hey I like this”, then the BAD part comes on and I want to slap a man…sorry all you nice ones out there lol, I don’t want to slap you. Anyway….nothing like a flock of little girls singing “shush girl, hush your lips….do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips”. First of all I don’t remember Helen Keller being known for talking with her hips? Anyone else? I don’t. The reason I went there lol, was because the next song was Hush Hush by the Pussy Cat Dolls, what’s a pussy cat doll?, which is all “I never needed you to tell me what to do I never needed you to approve of me, complain about me ect”….hmmmm….was that planned by someone in radio land? I thought it was appropriate. I tell my girls not to take it, anyone tells them to shut up, they can shut up on the way out the door. Any man person calls them “girl” and tells them to do the dishes…I don’t know, burst forth in song and sing “that’s not my name”. Nothing wrong with girls doing dishes, mind you, just what goes along with that scenario. Don’t call me “girl”…Sweetie Pie, Princess, Snookie Poo….ok. I’ll take that, but not “girl”. I knew this fellow who called me his Queen, that was weird. Can you imagine going to some guy and saying “boy….mow the lawn” lmao…… Anna wants to drop karate and I’m really trying to keep her in it, she’ll need it……I figure the longer I can keep her going the more she gets out of it. That was one thing I wish I had done, I have no excuse though because the Sensei guy offers free self defense classes to the moms of his students. I’ll get there. Eventually. The kiddies should be crashing through the door any minute, guess I should get them something to eat. Tata.

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