Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am needing to take a shower. I don't want to though. My niece mentioned that waffle cones were good for breakfast and that started me thinking about eggs...mmmm.....eggs.....but I don't have any eggs. We ate them all. I want chickens, there's a house down the way that has 2 little white chickens running around their front yard....dude. Imagine the workout the dogs would get? Anyway, I made myself some rice and spicy sausage with avocado and tomato...it was ok. I think maybe I'll pull out my suitcase and figure out what I'm bringing to Chicago...heehee...I'd better not forget anything because I only have $32, if I'm quick I have $32.....no, that's mine, I do have that....nm. Sigh......I've vaccumed, washed the floors, done a load of laundry, cleaned up the bathroom and eaten.....oh and figured out dinner, tonights karate and T-ball so we won't be home til about 7 pm, another late dinner but I like eating late, there is something so wrong with eating before 6...it's just wrong, so don't try and tell me I have to....because I don't want to. If you do that's ok, I don't judge. Much. OK, maybe I do but more in a sense of I don't want that for my life but if you want it here's some credits to help you out. Dang, I guess I should shower.

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