Sunday, May 17, 2009

Big, ambitious plans for today lol. I just told the girls to pull EVERYTHING out of their room, except big furniture, somehow stuff builds up and builds up and builds pull it all out, clean it all up and put it all, well not all.....hopefully about half of it, back. Anna destroyed her dresser, it was from IKEA and they need to be treated delicately, so I commandeered it yesterday and have it in the dining room now as a one drawered cabinet, it looks better than the little loser table that was there, so anyway, may as well get them fixed up nice for a bit. So they're dragging stuff out lol....coolness....I should take a picture. Let them enjoy an empty room for a few minutes, say "Ahhhhh" then drag all the crap back in. I wonder if my birthday is on a weekday? I hope so, then I'll take the kids to the beach, we haven't done that in a long time, I miss that. My brain is sleeping, I don't know what to say. Other than that we are NOT out of toilet paper. We have in the past run out of TP but I am happy and proud to say that right now we have a lot of it. was my Mom's birthday yesterday and we did the chinese restaurant thing, I don't think there was a problem with the tables set-up either...I need to ask my Mom about that. Usually almost everytime we go there, which is relatively frequently, we ask to have two tables pushed together. They almost always say it can't be done, we say yes it can, they say nuh uh, then, in my case I say can I show you? And we procede to show them. I always wonder when they are just going to remember us as the freaky table people? One of the reasons we go there is because we can all sit at the same table....what's the point of going somewhere to eat for an occasion and then sitting separately? May as well not and say you did....maybe eating at your own houses and video conferencing the meal? Anyway, last night seemed hassle-free but we showed up a little late so who knows. I'm hungry. brb. Banana love. You know about the elephant in the room? When there's something that nobody will talk about but everyone is aware of? What's that called in computer land? Elephants won't fit in computers.....viruses are nasty.........hmmm....I'll go think about that.

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