Friday, January 8, 2010

Ahhhh.....much better. Since I was starting to sound like a nutcase.....semi-nutcase.......on Facebook I have officially dusted off and re-instated the more ads though, they took them away for "suspicious clicking". Too bad, I enjoyed seeing what was going to pop up over there....oh well. Apparently my choice of music is freaking out the dogs today, I guess I shouldn't be freaks out Isaac. The kid who professes to hate music really hates the Black-Eyed Peas......but loves I Am the Walrus.....and Fireflies, and what was the other one? Oh yeah, the one, two, three, like a bird I sing one. He's cute, I forgive him.

The mega shed complex project in the backyard is sitting....NEVER let your husband and cousins start building in your's scary. Though I guess the shed was in protection of the house and the house remodel project. Have I ever mentioned I love this house? Think positively....The mega shed complex will be great, the mega shed complex will be great.....OK...we're gonna have a great mega shed complex. And it will be. I've got this cool book with pictures of, I don't know, structures of the Northwest or something....I want our shed to look like some of those lol. Bet Frank the builder dude doesn't have a clue of my eclectic tastes hee. Yeah, I'll be square....with a roof.....but in my mind it will be stunning. Much like in my mind the living room is beautiful. Life is so nice in my mind. Everything is clean and shiny and the dogs are perfectly groomed, and little boys don't pee on the shower curtain.

Dinner? Dinner, dinner, dinner.....let's see.....ummmm......I have scallops, shrimp AND clams, something could probably be done with that, or just one of those lol. But then I'd have to pull out the fishsticks for picky child again.....the one that, ironically, loves cod liver oil. Last night we had Catherine's Spicy Chicken soup....I don't know who Catherine is but her soup was really good....actually Joe finished it up because I had to go off on the Pinewood Derby car building project, so it really was Catherine, Jen and Joe's Spicy Chicken soup. Did you know that tools make any job easier? Hours and days of handworking the things or bzzzzshup bzzzzz on a, I think it was a bandsaw? does that sound right? Anyway, cars shaped. And they are going to WIN!!! Well, 26 minutes til the Flurry gets home, I guess I'd better go run all my piles to where they need to be. Trash, recycle, Goodwill, Christmas stuff case you were wondering. Tata.

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