Friday, January 22, 2010

Aack....45 minutes til kids come home, it's friday so that means lots and lots of papers....I get so confused, especially with the boys stuff......if I don't mark it I have to try and remember whose is whose. I have been wrong before and they do each other's homework and turn it in. I wonder if that happens a lot with twins? I would guess by now their teachers have figured out why they get strange work from my kids. So let's see.....I walked, swept everything (except kid rooms, the girls because they finally do it themselves and the boys because.....yeah, like I can get in there with a broom), finished normal laundry and got Joe's in the wash, cleaned the bathroom, took/trash recycle out, dusted, cleaned up the kitchen and made the living room pretty. OK, I confess.....I did a lousy job in the bathroom....but so what, it's good enough. I really need to find out how many miles around the park three times's a mystery. I tried to use my pedometer yesterday but I guess sitting around for 2 years without use kills a battery, oh well. Dinner, dinner, dinner.......hmmmmm....tonight is Family Film Night.....Ooooohhhh.....get to sit on the floor and watch a usually inane kids movie....though I usually quickly retreat to a folding chair....but the movie is still eh, nm....IT WILL BE FUN!!!!!!! I am so going to the beach on the next nice day, don't tell least til I get back, then it will be an adventure. I'm looking for it, you know why? Because my hair is now just long enough to blow around but not long enough to drive me totally batty....simple pleasures. :) Maybe I'll just make mac n cheese tonight, I have a ton of cheese. I think I even have a ham in the freezer too...bit too late for that I guess. That's what cans of Spam are for lol, I never tried Spam til I married Joe....mmmmmmm.....meat in a can. I'd love to visist a Spam factory...I imagine squishy meat sounds.....phfblllllt that. And lots of steam, and sweaty little men running around in chef's hats.....singing songs and dancing. Oh wait, that's kinda Willy Wonka isn't it? Anna doesn't like my hair because she says it looks like Johnny Depp as Willy's hair.....if anyone I think I look more like Violets mom....especially if I ever wear my bubble gum Barbie outfit. I've got to get up early tomorrow, Anna and I are spending the day on a school trip up to U of O. I guess they want to get the kids psyched about college. Anna has it all figured out, she's going to live at home and go to Chemeketa for two years first because she wants to do well and doesn't think a bunch of 18 yo's living together would be a good environment....lmao, see the effect of early brainwashing? I've told them all they can live at home as long as they are going to school....I wish the neighbors would tell their kid that lol.....anyway. Ooooohhh! OOps....I was supposed to pay bills today, hmmmm.....oh well. Maybe I still will. Nah. Monday, Monday's a good day. I like paying bills, and ......I'm getting excited......TAXES!!!! My Mom says I should have been an accountant....ick, and according to Mr. Magorium that would make me a counting mutant. OK, well that might be a reason to become one....too late. I wonder what the market is for magical toy stores is. Because If I had a toy store I would want it to be magical....OK, now I'm just bored. bye.

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