Sunday, June 28, 2009

I've decided I need to make another blog. One where I can write what I can't write lol. Some things just shouldn't be said until you are ready to accept the consequences of saying them if they are read by the wrong anonoblog here I come. I don't really get why it's so hard to understand...if you are embarassed enough by what you do to not want it talked about maybe, just maybe you are doing something you feel GUILTY about. Just maybe? Note to parents....don't let your kids grow up totally and absolutely spoiled. It's not a blessing to the world. It's bad. Bad. I got up in the middle of the night a couple nights ago and de-friended some people......the nasty, the tattler, high maintenance girl, and just kind of annoying to me. Because I can.....and I wanted to. The last thing I need is a reporter telling him what I do on FB.....that's why he doesn't get my stuff sent to his page....he doesn't want to know what I'm doing.....DUH!!!!!! Butt out...well don't worry anymore.....defriend lol.

I took the kids to the circus the other day....just a side note....I can leave someone alone but they damn well better figure out how to leave me alone at the same time.......anyway, circus was fun. I love circuses, especially little ones. They are so cute, the same bunch of people doing all the sweet. It kind of reminds me of a bunch of kids putting on a show. I mean that in a good way. It's sad though because they are obviously dying out. I'd imagine it costs a lot to run a circus, back from when I was allowed ads on here I learned that if you were an aerial performer you got a 2 million dollar insurance policy upon hire.....mmmmm....would make me think twice but hey, to each his own. I have this whole miraculous story about how I got in but I don't feel like telling it right now....still stewing. Oh what the heck.....I had my debit card and asked for some cash to bring just in case so was begrudgingly given a $20. Parking was $3 so I was down to $17....I'm like OK....a few years ago it was $13, even if it went up I'm ok....right? I was standing there kind of worried because I don't know how much it was and had noticed they didn't take debit. I randomly question a walking by lady about how much it was and she said she read in the paper $ I'm sh*t....go home?....find an ATM?..........ack. Then this wonderful woman says, imagine the heavenly sound here, "I have this coupon for you want to go in as a group and split it?" So I got in for $11 and so did she and we were all happy. Things always work out if you let them. Some just take a heck of a lot longer than others. Like decades. And decades.....and decades. Do you ever feel like you're waiting for someone who's never going to catch up? Just waiting. Trying not to be dragged into the world of pickles and poop. Though I like pickles....and I guess poop is good in it's own way.........just not together I guess. I want to do things, nothing exotic. I want to go to the Pentacle theatre sometime, I want to take a painting class and an upholstery class, I bought an awesome but deteriorating green leather chair and ottoman today and someday it will need a new skin, I want to go to the Salem Cinema, I want to not have to hide the trash, or things I buy, or things I give away, I want to go on a totally unplanned roadtrip some summer, actually, I want to get my kicks on Route 66. It seems like nothing can be done for enjoyment, it must all be misery inducing and I can't do that lol. I just can't sit around and tut tut about how bad life is. It isn't. Dang....I need ananoblog lol....I could be relatively safe on here but some busybody nosey so and so will say "do you know what your wife is writing?", if the busybody nosey so and sos would stay out of it there is no interest in what I write and then all the daisies would bloom and the world would be perfect.....but there will always be busybody nosey so and sos lol. They may be defriended but there is always a new one.

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