Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Well, that was a weird day, weird but overall good. It felt really good to just take off and go to the beach, definitely will be doing that more often, unfortunately there's a downside backlash too it but I can deal with that....besides downside backlashes can be a good thing. There was about a good hour of nice weather, got in a walk and sat for awhile....I was sitting, eyes closed enjoying the sun on my face when the sky started spitting at me....hmmmmm. I sat for awhile and formulated plans for how to stay there and remain dry, my beach blanket is water proof and has been used in just such occasions before but since the sky had turned ominous I decided I really didn't want to get soaked if I didn't have to. Nothing wrong with a good soaking if you can't help it or there's a good reason but I'm too old to get soaked when my car is just a dune away. So I packed up and left....minutes before the heavens opened up and forgot about the spitting and outright relieved itself. So I ran away for a few hours, came home finished the ironing, swept yet again, did laundry blah blah blah. I guess I won't complain about the sweeping.....if I wasn't sweeping floor we'd be living with really nasty carpet....it is really hard to believe the amount of stuff swept up everyday. OK, I won't complain about any of it, it's what I do. Kids came home, Anthony came over for a few hours, had trouble with the concept of "take your shoes off by the door" but learned. Made dinner...... salmon, salad, rice, a spinach mushroom deal.....not many complaints. Actually three kids liked it....woohoo. Always one out of the bunch has to complain....I think they get together before the meal to decide who is going to gripe for the night. Joe just asked who reads this lol....ummmm...I think Tasia does, even though I don't write in dog, but she's commented on it so I guess she does. Other than that I don't really care, it's mostly for me. It just clears the head a bit, kind of hard when you can't say what you really want to say. That's what the kooky status updates are for, surrogate what you really want to says lol. That's not totally true but sometimes it is. Sometimes it feels like my head really is going to explode, for a time, then it goes away. Sometimes I think, why am I telling people I'm sweeping the floor? Then I figure well, really I'm not....they choose to read it or not, hide it or not.....I read something once but of course I can't put it here so tough. Blast it all lol, that's why therapists stay in business. You know when you're going along fine and then WHAM!!! something knocks you back a step or two? That's where I'm at, reconfiguring and putting wheels back on. Unfortunately tomorrow I'm assigned the duty of waiting for the Fedex guy to deliver something.....long day. Maybe I'll pull out the big ball and work on my abs. Who am I fooling? I don't have any abs. I used to have a six-pack, now I have a Shar-pei. Who am I fooling? I never had a six-pack. And I have schnauzers now. I'm torn between staying up late or going to bed, I really don't feel like either. Going to bed means a 30 some year old romance novel and staying up means facebook. Hmmm.....once I took a night like this and went to the coast, ended up sleeping in the car with the windows cracked and woke up with a six-pack ring next to me. hmmmmm.....maybe not the safest choice of sleeping locations lol. And kind of creepy to boot. Oh well, regardless I guess I'm done here. Toodles.

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