Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dinner's on, kids are busy, I'm scratch that, I was hungry then I ate some pecans and I don't appear to be hungry anymore. Fascinating. Let's see, our bathtub faucet got its drip fixed yesterday but now hot is cold and cold is hot. Can nothing just work correctly? By now all the kids have tried to take a shower and have all hollored about there only being cold water and have now been educated about the new faucet functioning, so that's all good. Anna is still infatuated with Calvin....this is what......almost a week. Wow, this one must be true love. Until next week. Jeremiah, Patrick, Kenneth/Matthew (for some reason she thought his name was Matthew only to find out months later that it was Kenneth which is not as good a name as Matthew but he's still cute....and exotic...he lives in SILVERTON!!!) Jeremy, Brent, oh a whole bunch more, and of course.....Calvin. I guess I should be happy she just keeps changing her mind lol. Katie's sort of upset because tomorrow at recess her class has to practice lining up and walking around in a line, I guess this class of 5th graders forgot proper line etiquette enough today for the teacher to give up their kid free time teaching them again. What other wonderful things happened today? Ummm....the boys made a phone out of two cans and an eight inch string and when I mentioned they might want a longer string the next thing I know is Isaac is messing with about fifty feet of knotted up string and Jacob is lord knows where. Joe's gone again tonight so it's just me and the kids, and then tomorrow is a friend and I's monthly eat without kids night, actually the kids aren't bad to eat with, it's more of a Mom goes and comes home after everyone is asleep night and the next night I said I'd go to one of those murder mystery name is Anna Maria Carlotta Sassine and I'm a sultry Jazz singer. Uhhh not. I've never done one of those so I guess I'll get to now. I'm not sure how to be sultry. But that's ok :D. I'm hungry again....nuts. And tired and brain dead. Is it wednesday? I need to, yes NEED, to start baking again. I stopped pretty much when the door finally fell off the death oven but that's been like a year and a half ago and about a year since we got the new oven....I have no excuse. Baking keeps you busy lol. The kids always complain that I put nuts in everything, as their scarfing everything in sight down. I don't pay much attention to them. I like nuts. I really had better go away from this thing before I start talking about our ice maker and how it doesn't work when bags of berries fall into it. Night.

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