Friday, January 15, 2010

Hello, I'm lazy. Not in a bad way I don't think....more in a pleasure seeking way, I mean really, some decisions should be no brainers, do you want to do the uhhhhhh choice or the ooooooooohhh choice? Regardless of my laziness though I enjoy when years long quests come through as originally planned.....years ago. Like in the past few days My 14 yo decided that it was nice to have a clean room and has done it. She has cleaned the thing out thoroughly and all by herself.......the past 10 years or so of ick is over. I hope. But I knew it would be and took the stance of fine and would have shut the door......if she had one, if she wanted a door she really shouldn't have broken the one she had. Right? Anyway, my own housekeeping being somewhat lacking..... and I'm ok with that.....the problem is a lot of it is an attitude of that can just sit there til I'm ready, and that's not really ok. I don't like things that are the results of bad attitudes.......but hey.....sometimes a bad attitude's all a girls got.

It's hororscope said it would be a good day to clean house or a closet....and to dress glamorously. I guess I could wear my lady coat.....I have a coat and one of the girls I babysat told me I looked like a lady and I said well I am a lady and she said no, a lady who lives in a I guess I have a glamorous lady coat. Perfect for my minivan. I wonder if when they first came out with minivans they had a brainstorming meeting on what to call them? Teeny vans, itty bitty vans, micro vans, like-a-big-van-but-smaller-vans, big boxy cars, no-more-station-wagon-vans??? So many names possible, I think it would be fun to tell the kids to go get in the ittybitty van. I guess I could but then I'd be weird. Where does all this stuff on the floor come from? I severly dislike sweeping, I would never go back to carpet but I still hate sweeping. I like my idea of grate floors, just grates, everything just falls right through. I never have considered what that would mean in a 2 story house? I guess stuff just falls all the way through. Don't wear skirts upstairs. I'm cold. I'm going to go do something.....maybe the dreaded sweeping.

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