Sunday, January 24, 2010

I think I slept rather horribly last night, but we did the bowling thing and I actually did reasonably well, 168...ok that one was good, the other two were 98 and 113....I think there's a rule in bowling that you don't have to mention the bad ones, right? So I bowled a 168!!! Let's see....we all went to brunch/lunch with a Jeff but gave up on the possibility of a walk.....dang weather, actually I love this weather for the most part. The world was pink outside a few minutes ago, I guess the sun was making it's way through the gloom as it was sitting for the night. I finally got all the stuff on the calendar, I make myself nervous when I let all the little reminders and notes pile up without writing them down....speaking of which I don't think I have Cub Scouts written down. Just a sec....... ok, fixed. Finally filled out Isaac's smart kid form.....I'm not sure how I feel about those.....according to someone he's "definitely above average in intellectual capacity", well duh.....just talk to the kid. I wonder how much goes into those tests? I didn't fill in the info sheet this year though, questions like what happened to your child as a child that would possibly have made him this way? Um.....well I dropped him on his head when he was 1 and a 1/2, then when he was 3 aliens done swooped down and flew off with him for a time....don't know what they did to him but found sleepin' under the berry bushes some time later......or I could just write, yes....he is bright isn't he, takes after his Mother. Instead I feel like saying well, the other one is as smart...just with a different specialty. Oh well, hopefully they will think he's just not quite smart enough again this year. He's only seven. I got all bases covered tonight on dinner, so when they complain about the first option I can say "ha ha....I have a second option.....complain about that!" Joe's sleeping, has been for about 3 hours lol, thinking about waking him up so he can sleep tonight....I'll think on that some more. Yeah I should. I'm going to go do that, or at least turn lights on and open doors so he's bothered by all the life going on out here.

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