Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lordy, what a long day....but now, now it's the bliss of hearing the boys read to each other, nothing out of the girls room, the faint whisperings of Rescue Heroes coming from the living room because I'm guessing someone didn't bother to turn the TV off.....Joe's out in the garage and a dog has been farting at my feet. What more can a girl ask for? Oh, and a glass of that "good" wine I bought because well, why not? Today bright and early....actually it was still sort of dark, Anna and I headed off on the college excursion...seems strange to have a kid close enough to going to college that we're like going on feild trips to them.....she's got a ways but still. I did get the tuition question answered once again positively :D.......gotta love the rainbow......and had time on the bus to draw another um....whatever they are. One of Anna's friends said she'd pay money for it, I asked her how much and she said "um....I dunno" lol. I guess that settles that. Anyway, it had four naked ladies on it. But none of them had any heads so is that bad? I bought a book about someones mothers answering machine's a bit off beat to say the least. It's got the message and then why or why not the author bothered to respond to the message. or not. Immediately after that was the boys Pinewood Derby thing.......Jake, well his car had problems he came in 4th an awful lot (out of 4) but he did win the most General Lee like for his great paint job. Isaac faired a tad bit better with lots of third places a couple seconds and I think one first place and also got the award for most prepared because he had put a spare tire on his. Jake took defeat quite well I would say. If you call blaming me for his cars failures taking it well lol. I love "lol", it kind of takes the ambiguity out of sarcasm. I think. Tomorrow morning is the end of this year I will break 200! At least shouldn't bee too hard since I bowl somewhere in the very low 100's now I'm halfway there. And since the bowling alley guy gave me a tip that seemed to be working last time we bowled I will have confidence. And if nothing else maybe my boyfriend from the group home will be there.....that's always a confidence booster.....pure unadulterated fanli-ness. Ok, the "good" wine is starting to put me to sleep. It wasn't supposed to do that, especially before 9:00....geesh. I think I also had a shortage of caffeine today also. Me and my drugs. Hmmmm.......curling up in bed and falling asleep with my face in a book only to wake up by biting my tongue later on sure does sound good though. Goodnight. I'm going to go do that.

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