Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm awake. I'm not supposed to be, I'm supposed to be sleeping. I like sleep, it's good. I'm mulling, now that I've decided the babysitting gig must end I need to figure out how to go about it. I'll probably just throw it out there, let it flop around like a fish for a bit and see where it ends. Usually a pretty good way of getting something resolved. After the pool table incident, you could call it the pool table that broke the camels back, I'm all jiminy, I'm done. I'm still not totally sure what exactly happened but it seems three of the girls at the neighbors house and one of the ones I watch were dancing on the pool table and well, it broke. So now the neighbor is saying it's worth $1400, not asking for anything but yeah, I say pay half, Joe says no way in heck......I don't need this stuff. People with kids....teach them how to behave. Besides all the "incidents" it's starting to affect my own kids, Anna is like tofu and picks up the attitude of those around her and I don't care, it's not mine, why should I, and So? are not attitudes I really want her adopting. Her last report card scared her I think, she's never had a bad one before and I think she found out that gee, maybe I should shape up and lose the tude. Katie's crying about something on a regular basis, Jake has become the little informer, Isaac just continues on. I guess the time has just come....and the incidents are getting bigger....and how the heck did I end up doing this anyway? Considering the frustrations and inconveniences up against the absolute lack of any sense of gratitude (they frequently complain to the neighbor about how mean I am and can she babysit them, lol, I told her she was welcome and she said "Oh no"). Besides it's not fair to my girls to have to have 4 kids in their room for their teen years, ok I'll stop before I start a mongo list lol, basically I know myself well enough to say it's time to stop before things get ugly. I guess I have a slow fuse but I eventually do, well I don't want to say blow.....ummm, just get finished? Don't know if that made any sense and I don't care, I want to go to sleep. Goodnight.

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