Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm waiting. I went out and did what I was supposed to do and topped in at the house that has the salon sign outside of it.....I've been meaning to call for a year or so but driving by is not the most oportune time to jot down a number......and no, I can't remember a measly 7 numbers for any length of time. Joe can....he can like look up a number then go dial it. I have to look it up, underline it and check as I dial. Anyway, I decided to just stop in and she is the cutest little lady....with an accent.....and I made an appointment for 2:00. So wait I must. The other day, yesterday I guess, I got a wild hair...hee, wild hair....and cut off about 6 inches. I did a pretty good job of it too if I just want to straight across one length look....aka "the triangle". Which I don't. I guess people with totally straight hair don't experience that phenomenon but I have just enough poof that it's a from top of head to shoulder geometric form. Doesn't really matter since it's always clipped on top of my head in a sumo do but eh....I need something to think about all day besides "ooooh....look the egg is really stuck on this plate!" I'm eating an orange, it's rather good, trying to counteract the after effects of this mornings breakfast fiasco.....sometimes you shouldn't listen to the little voice that encourages iffy situations. I'm not going to say what I had for breakfast because I'm embarrassed and I don't embarass easily, how do you spell embarrass? One R or two? Maybe I'll put it in the forty confessions of Lent I'm eagerly awaiting......I like confessions. Except the real ones.....dude, nunya business. Yes, for Lent I'm going to give up what's left of my pride. But that's a ways off so now I need to consider dinner, I bought salmon but I forgot it's one of those activity at dinner time nights so I need to aim for more of a scoop into a bowl meal.....I'm thinking beef broccoli of some sort....that's easy and quick and tastes good later. I guess salmon does too.....hmmmmmm. I still think there is something inherently wrong with eating dinner before 6 pm and really prefer eating around 8 pm but that would get too messy in the kids beds. I think embarrass has 2 R's. I'm going to have to make a dump run, which means I'm going to clean out the garage and take full advantage of the trip, right now I have a mattress to get rid of....I could do the dismantle and put in the trash can thing but I don't think Joe has the patience for that. Now that I think everyone is pretty well past the bedwetting stage I'm going to start replacing mattresses, none were great to start with, so that's something to look forward to.....I'm almost giddy with anticipation. BTW....Joe and I don't need a new mattress, we've never either of us wet the bed. At least not like in the past decade. Before that I'm not sure. I haven't, but I would need to ask Joe. Because one never knows unless asks.

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