Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It was my real birthday today and I took the kids to the beach, it was one of those perfect days, not cloudy but not sunny, not windy but a breeze, kids ran around in swim suits and spent a couple hours in the water. Isaac managed to lose a shirt and a jacket. Perfect. I was smart enough to put some sunscreen on this morning so hopefully I won't be pink tomorrow. I ended up babysitting the girls last night, tonight and tomorrow night extra, then thursday normal then they are coming with us up to Seattle saturday and sunday, then I think they're here again monday, so what's that? Goodness gracious...they may be here like 6 days straight. Criminy. Ok, I checked, no monday, but tuesday. Anyway....good thing I like them lol. They're big. They can feed and wipe themselves......both good things. Anyway....I got stopped by a cop on the way to the beach, actually just down the street from home. I was going 36 in a 25. Ooops. Sigh. He got my info including my expired proof of insurance and did his thing. While he did the kids and I had a nice conversation about being responsible and doing the right thing. Mommy messed up. Ooops again. Well, he came back gave me a warning on the speeding and the lack of real proof of insurance and said he hoped it would deter my life of crime. Oh it will. I'm going straight and narrow from here on out. Last time I got pulled over was when I was 22 or so....57 in a 25...but it was a back road, not like residential or anything, at least not really. That was a $327 dollar ticket and in the reckless category........guess what? Warning! Cops are nice....I like them. I think I need to go to bed now. Good night.

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