Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Do you know how long it takes to count to 300? About 5 minutes. Know how I know, besides using simple math skills? I did it, yep....thought it would be relaxing. It's not. It's boring and you start counting with your breathing which slows down then you go crap I have to catch up.....very erratic way to keep track of time. I don't recommend it. On the bright side....hee I said bright and I was just going to say I felt bright. Not like smart bright but bright bright. I bought this packet of tea tree and spearmint face mask at Freddies, half off of course, needless to say it needed to stay on for five minutes, and when I took it off I actually felt bright, like I could almost see my brilliance reflecting off the bathroom walls back at me. It was cool. I'm sure I'm not really brighter but it was neat. I'm scarfing down some yogurt and granola right now because I need to go deliver towels to the girls because they have the 5th grade pool party today and forgot swimsuits and towels, then Danielle called from school and said she left her borrowed towel here and I don't remember seeing Erin take one lol, so off with towels. Then over to Judson....I took a few week break because you do what you've gotta do and I needed to and I I did. But now I guess I should go. I already wrote 6 pages in the brilliantly pink bubble gum barbie journal lol, even the lines are pink on the pages so I'm using a black pen instead of Oh...say a pink one. I like blank books, I actually have a section of them on my book shelf. I'll spend quite a bit of time perusing the blank books at the store, like there's anything different to see in each one. But actually there is...some are line less, some have lines, some have little doodlies around the edges.......I wonder if there are people out there who like to watch blank video tapes? I don't. Ok, I really gotta to hair and wardrobe.

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