Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm getting ready for tonight, yep...sitting right here...I have magic mice doing my work for me. I don't know, it always seems to come together in the end. So here I am...I went to the doctors this morning....nothing wrong with me, just a whim lol. I'm fine but advised to free flow writing and read a couple of books. I bought 2 of them, doctors orders right? I think they are the Four Agreements and, um.......oh yeah...the Artist's Way. Gotta be better than what I'm trying to chew my way through right now...ironically what I'm trying to read right now is called Four Fallen Women...Joe got it for me at a booksale lol. This is my second attempt at it and it is SLOW......sorta good by my golly. The last story is a Stephen Crane one and I love Stephen Crane...too bad he's dead. Maybe I should just skip ahead to that one? So anyway......I think I'll give that free flow writing thing (insert long break here, phone rang) a try. It's amazing how much waiting there is in life.....I'm waiting. For something. Maybe 6:00 lol. Or the dogs to come back, little twits. Maybe I should put the tables out? But where, where should I put the tables? Oh I know....I can dust off the wine glasses, I told Joe to get some and Alan said he'd bring some. I'm a little worried because I'm flying at this with no disposable back ups lol. You need a fork? You don't need no stinkin' have a chop stick! Another long break......9 kids, DHS..police officer....dirty texts on childs (not mine) fun....gotta go, bye.

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