Friday, June 12, 2009's mostly out, Joe's sleeping, dinner is easy and ready at a moments notice, I'm listening to Adam Ant.....I like that guy lol. Oh and I own Alan. Life is good. I've been following doctors orders lol, I like that guy. books, write and go places? I can so totally do that. Ironically the insurance won't cover a chiropractor lol, but they will do back surgery. Such logic we run on. If I hit a $50 chiro appointment a few times a year I'm good but I guess that's too much for the insurance company to whatever. Dump this universal health care idea and how about reasonable health coverage? Give people freedom to do what they think best, put the money saved into an account, and have a catastrophic insurance policy with a decent deductible. Maybe then people would think about what they're doing, why they're doing it and MAYBE actually try to be healthier. I don't know, but I don't notice people going to the doctors and getting better, go in with diabetes and keep going in for meds and amputations til you die with diabetes. Doesn't make sense. Oh well. I had a public speaking teacher in college who said I was too harsh lol. Maybe so, but it's what I think. I love to hear what others think but it seems if you express an opinion people feel that they can't speak up with an opposing view. Yes, yes you can. Oh well. I have a birthday plan...I love my birthday, if it's left alone lol, but anyway, I'm sticking with the new found tradition of Birthday Eve and having a Slap A ( I have no idea how to spell it but it's sort of danish, may be dinglish, I'm not sure but it implies relax) buffet. It's when everybody brings super easy food, preferable bought from the store ready to eat with no cooking involved. But if someone feels it necesary they can break the rules but it kind of ruins the tone of the deal. We started doing it awhile ago because my Mom and I were talking about what a big deal it was for everyone to get together for dinner, a lot of work. The first concept was the Cost-co buffet and everything had to be from Costco but we found out we were all too cheap for that lol. So Slap A it is. Then on the next day I'm taking the kids to the beach. Maybe I will talk them into making me a sandcake. Hmmmmm.....I like sand. Except when it gets into places it shouldn't be. I don't like that. I'm gonna bring my paper and pencils and camera, and brilliantly pink bubble gum journal and a big scoop to dig a butt hole and food and weird bread products to throw at seagulls. They are so fun to throw tortillas at and frozen bagels....they never give up. Oh, it will all be delightful. Oh....I mentioned to the girls mom that if it worked for her maybe she could see about transferring the girls to Judson and they could go there more easily since they're here so much anyway and she said she had just thought of that earlier in the day but didn't know if I would be interested lol. Everything always works out if you let it. Get this.....I was at Walmart because I needed filters for my beloved floor washing machine and they dare to not carry it anymore. So I was saddish and thinking I'd have to go online and try to order from the company, pain in the butt. Then I decided to run down the clearance aisle just to see what they had, I'm going down slowly just checking things out...I did find some awesome pens and they are mine, all mine.....anyway this lady comes into the aisle with the most obnoxious child...."I want the YELLOW TRUCK, YELLOW TRUCK, YELLOW TRUCK!!!!!!!" Ect. I'm thinking heehee, not mine and decide to look back just to see this terror child and I slide my gaze back behind me slowly and what, what was that? Slide gaze forward. NO.......WAY!?!?!?!? About two feet behind me were THE FILTERS!!!!!!! Whoa. I was beyond and gone, I would not have found them if it weren't for Screechy boy......and to top it off they were $5 instead of $10. Dude. Now, nobody can convince me that horrid kid wasn't sent so that I would look back and see my filters sitting there. Sometimes I feel like I get my way much too often and I always make sure to thank the forces that be because hey, dude....what were the chances? I even told the ill mannered childs Mom about it.....the instant I found the filters he shut up by the way......oooohhhh. Life is good. I ahve children dying around me so I guess I'd better go feed them. bye.

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